Int Corps (V) in the Midlands and the North West

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Double_Nickel, May 2, 2009.

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  1. 55 MI Coy (V) based in Stourbridge with detachments in Nottingham and Chorley is recruiting both soldiers and officers.

    For more information on the opportunities available to both 'walk ins', transferees and those regulars who have, or are imminently leaving please feel free to PM me.
  2. Just to make it easier for people not logged on to Arrse they can also e-mail me at

    OR7_555MI @

    For more details.
  3. For those interested who may have had trouble with the e-mail address over the weekend

    I can confirm it is working correctly now.

    Apologies for the inconvenience

  4. Thanks for the positive response so far. I trust I have answered all questions to everyone's satisfaction. Please keep them coming or spread the offer to anyone else who might be interested.
  5. Sounds like a great opportunity for those in the area, good luck with the recruiting drive.
  6. Excellent idea, well done. Have you got that rather portly gent with the white hair as CSM now?
  7. Which one ? Could describe mine and I'm in 3. RSMs now, they're regulars and generally a decade younger.
  8. I think that I heard that he described himself as having 'platinum highlights' instead of being grey. The one I am thinking of marches around with a stick and shouts a lot. Bluffer hasn't spent a night in the field for years? Is it him?
  9. And there me thiking that was a sure sign of a proficient Intelligence Corps NCO.

    Pass my Happy Eater rewards and Shell plus points card over will you?
  10. That's a wee bit harsh if I may say so. I can claerly remember him passing out in a ditch on the way back from a local hostelary and sleeping it off in a hedge, and that must count as a night in the field. That is if this is the same individual.
  11. Plenty of interest which is a good thing. If you live in the West Midlands you are especially welcome.
  12. And you, double, are especially welcome to the West Midlands.

    edited to add: Although I did know a very "open minded" young lady from Shrewsbury once...
  13. CSM 55 may be a bit chunky and silver-haired but he has carried me over the years, especially during my comedy attempts on the Op MI managers course. With his expert guidance I bluffed my way through it eventually.

    If you need any info on joining 55 he's the man to speak to at Stourbridge.
  14. Ididn't realise that he had a JCB cert, how did he manage to carry you?