Int Corps (V) in the Midlands and the North West

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Double_Nickel, May 2, 2009.

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  1. 55 MI Coy (V) based in Stourbridge with detachments in Nottingham and Chorley is recruiting both soldiers and officers.

    For more information on the opportunities available to both 'walk ins' and transferees please feel free to PM me.
  2. Just to make it easier for people not logged on to Arrse they can also e-mail me at

    For more details.
  3. For those interested who may have had trouble with the e-mail address over the weekend

    It is working correctly now.

    Apologies for the incovenience

  4. Thanks for the positive response so far.

    I trust I have answered all questions to everyone's satisfaction. Please keep them coming or spread the offer to anyone else who you think might be interested.
  5. Have you tried speaking to some of the NW Signal Sqns? There's a good seam of intelligent and motivated volunteers with current operational experience. Obviously there's going to be vetting dramas with some of the Merseyside transferees but there should be some loopholes, no?
  6. Thanks for that.

    Obviously I am aware of the recent news and am simply making anyone - transferee or walk in - aware of the very real opportunities that are available with the Intelligence Corps across the Midlands and the North West.

    As always anyone interested please get in touch.
  7. Nice to see that the interest is still coming in. Anyone based in the West Midlands especially welcome.
  8. I have had a few enquiries recently asking if this post is still live.

    I would like to confirm that it most definitely is and that enquiries/applications are still welcome.