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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. It looks like a TRF is in the pipeline as we're the only ones who don't have one yet. Anyone heard any more? Id imagne it'll be like the Bde flash minus the 1.
  2. I imagine it might look something like this.
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  3. War is nearly over, now you get a TRF?????

    Int Corps, hardly!
  4. That bulb is far too bright for Int. Corps.
    Try it as a 20 watts bulb, or a very dim candle, or even four candles .......................................
    "Four Candles" - YouTube

    I rest my case
  5. [​IMG]

    The colours are easy to sort out - what design are you looking for?

    One of these superimposed perhaps?


    ... for the old and bold a combination of:



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  6. a big "?" or a tri-colour pile of shit?
  7. A study in hindsight would be more suitable

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  8. Shades of the Irish Euro referendum. Float an idea and keep floating it until you get the answer you want.

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  9. I'm amazed that we've gotten this far without having a TRF. Whoever said that we are the last cap badge without a TRF is probably right (unless you include 'them' and sundry other special people). The question is will any future Int Corps TRF be an issued item, or would we be expected to pay for it in the same way as stable belts.....

    As for the OBE/MBE thing, my sentiments exactly....
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  10. A TRF would be issued, as I believe it is to everyone else. You'd only need 1 or 2 for each individual as they go on your Velcro patch so one for jacket and one for smock. I’m not fan though, although it might stop people thinking I’m RAF! On saying that, this would be utterly reliant on an RAF person recognising an Army TRF…
  11. Is there a TRF Recognition Journal and how many hours at basic are allocated to TRF recognition?
  12. Sounds like a fan. And they used to make me pay for them when I was a dirty Signals Bar-steward.

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  13. I misread, they are not to be procured or tailored from public funds. Looks like I won't be buying one then!
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  14. Is there a briefing note or some such document doing the rounds on the subject of an Int Corps TRF? If so, is it on DII and were can it be found?