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Discussion in 'REME' started by lu86, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Just a few quick questions about transferring to REME;

    I recently passed out of training at the end of 08, i tried to transfer during phase 2 however i didnt try hard enough (probably due to me not knowing enough about the grounds i had etc).
    I have decided that the Corps isn't for me, purely on the basis that i enjoy being active, playing alot of sports and working with my hands rather than overloading my brain with allsorts of random political info!
    I have been in contact with a high ranking soldier from the REME and have been informed that a "path" would be cleared if i was serious about the transfer. I definately want to move but i am concerned with some factors, mainly pay and rank, as it was only 6 months ago that i passed my JNCO cadre will i be entitled to keep my rank and pay?
    I have just started a degree and could see myself struggling with the financial side of it all if i dropped it all

    If anyone has any info please PM me!!!

  2. In no particular order:

    No chance of keeping Rank and pay if you transfer IIRC.

    Go on tour - do the job delpoyed - at least then you will have given the Corps a fair crack of the whip. You will be surprised how different the job is on Herrick.

    If you can't work out how to approach the CoC try talking to your immediate SNCO. If they are not prepared to listen then we deserve to loose you. The Corps needs to concentrate on retention not recruiting unsuitable replacements.
  3. You must chat to your RCMO before you do anything. Also try talking to a local REME Officer - preferably an RCMO type. Where are you based?

    Fully support the trying the job on tour but if your heart isn't in it you may end up hating it.
  4. Dont DO IT!!
    The grass is not greener on the other side!!
    If u think u will play more sport etc etc u may be in for a rather large shock!!
    However if u still decide to change, i would choose air tech as it is quite hands and u get Undeserved (in my opinion) timed promotion (u still need a reccomendation though, a CY will do!!!) Then go tiffy, i slag them off but thats an artisan thing.
    thats my opinion anyway

  5. Rather cynical view but that is an Artisans privelige. Another suporting factor for AV Tech is that they are very likely to recieve a rather healthy FRI because we are very short of them!!!

  6. Probably the best trade for civvy street as well, as air techs work apache which is probably about the most up to date kit the army has.
    What ever u do dont go VM as the kit is about as modern as a pair of OXFAM underpants. Metalsmith dont bother as there is no real career prospects, Forget repairing guns as there is no real need in the uk for people who can repair tank guns.
  7. Bollocks.
  9. Ref keeping the rank, as long as its substansive you should be ok.
    I lost mine (for 6 mths, wow) but kept the pay, the only thing I lost was 5 yrs seniority, oops

    The grass isnt always greener though
  10. Thanks for the info :D

    I cant imagine anything more soul destroying than deploying and working your fingers to the bone in something that you dont enjoy any aspect of, however i will give it some thought as im not into making rash decisions!
    As for the promotion side of things, i learned from the mistake of thinking that gliding up the ranks was my main aim when i joined up, i have since realised that i really enjoy the Army lifestyle and i'd rather enjoy my job than having an extra few stripes and no job satisfaction.

    Any ideas whether i can go straight to the RCMO or have i got to go through my CoC first?
    Im based in JHQ Germany.
  11. WHY??

    we have a fleet of Bedfords, LR 110/90, Dafs and Drops, really hight tech!!!
    99 percent of Vms would be fcuked in civvy street, admit it, go on be brave.
  12. Thats not all we have though is it? Have you ever touched HET/CST/Pinz/Man SV/RTCH/Jackal/Panther?

    All bar one of the equipments you have listed are on the way out.
  13. Got to go with Spaz on this , try Oshkosh if you want some really modern, and you can start adding all the UOR kit to that list too.
  14. U said those famous words UOR, this means that unless u r on ops you will not see them normally. We CRB Osh Kosh. In addition someone stated bedfords are on the way out!!! Please most units still have the old stuff and would that be like the landrover 91 / 110s who were also on their way out, but are now in demand as there arnt enough wolfs!! PS) Snatches are another fine example of kit being on its way out.
  15. If you are in any way unsure it is sometimes possible to ask your CofC to get detatched from your unit to the LAD or Wksp for a few months to sample REME life and trades - please note when you transfer you will have to go to a trade school for some considerable time depending upon which trade you want and you may need to sideline your degree until you get the time to finish it off