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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by stuart, May 30, 2006.

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  1. Just done barb test scored 64, thought i made a bit of a balls up of it, but was told its enough for the int corps.
    Was told at the afco that i would have to sit further tests at chicksands.
    Does anyone know what kind of stuff is involved so i can prepare, also what qualities do they look for in applicants?
    Any info would be great........cheers. :D
  2. If you can't find out without asking, you shouldn't be applying!! ;)
  3. I did ask at the afco what the test would involve but they couldnt tell me. :?
  4. You'll have to wait until you get there then.
  5. Let's just say don't expect to get much sleep and... you like white noise?

  6. They test to see if your sphyncter is tight. If not, you get sent to the Navy career office... :(
  7. You will probably get asked about the key to the map store and if you have any idea when the Corps is going to be scaled correctly for B Vehicles.

    Expect to be severely tested on Microsoft excel, especially conditional formating and the Balenced Scorecard.
  8. Make sure you turn up with a large bag with enough kit to remain self-sufficient for 6 months..............
  9. Get a second-hand police stab vest to protect your back from well-wishers..........and brush up on covert dictaphone methods so you can drop your 'mates' in the crap. You'll need to take a white tuxedo, a Walther PPK (try e-bay), an Aston Martin (any model is cool, again try e-bay).
  10. You'll be issued with the following when you arrive at Chicksands, pop by the QMs to sign for them:

    Miss Moneypenny
    She'll be your secretary whilst you are there. Keep her with you at all times. She will have brown hair. It is your mission to sexually harass her for the course duration, but beware she will expect you to make good your all of your innuendos before you sign her back in.

    Bell Textron Jet Pack
    "No well dressed man should be without one." In the event of you not enjoying your time on the course, or there are no taxis at the main gate, you can use this jet pack to escape from Chicksands.

    Underwater Debreather
    This gadget is to be used for short times only: say five minutes, mostly for swimming in the shark infested ornamental lakes at Chicksands. I would recommend saving it for your underwater battle which is normally held on Wednesday afternoons.

  11. youll need to be good at using a tape measure and will need to know how high the fence around the camp should be (including that part thats in the ground).

    Do they still issue the exploding wallets?

  12. Most definitely Foxxy. In tri-service colours now.
  13. Whatever you do though...


  14. you mean "Don't get caught stamping on the Directors Ducks" don't you?

  15. ducks? that's nothing. i remember when someone blew up the Director's Maltesers.

    mind you, it was ATO.