Int Corps Snco Mess Dress and Corps stable belt

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Rodney2q, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi folks

    I've been clearing out the cupboards this weekend and dug out my old Mess kit which I last wore in 1990.

    Has the corps changed the style of the mess dress since then or is it still the same?

    If it hasn't changed then I'll be happy to sell it (I sure won't need it again) at a bargain price. It is in very good nick (made by Golding) and just needs the collar dogs - I can't find those.

    I can just about get into the trousers - they are a tad snug now, but as I'm a 34 they will probably fit a 32" waist, ideal for some keen young sergeant. :wink:

    Anyone interested - please PM me.

    I also came across a corps stable belt and green lanyard - do they still wear lanyards these these days? THe belt is a 1980's issue/purchase with the twin tan leather buckles. Anyway, I'll be happy to pass those on to a good home for free - again PM me please.

  2. You skinny bugger, get some drinking and lazing around done.
  3. If you get no takers, get it to ICA; they'll sell it for you (they add something like a £5 fee to the buyer, which ain't bad) and make a (small) profit.
  4. Done that - spent the last 12 months getting back down to 34"


  5. Sounds good to me - is it the usual address at Chicksands?

  6. Yarp.

    You can either tell them how much you want for it; they get the buyer to write a cheque, which they send to you, or you can donate it and ICA keep the money for ICA stuff...