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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by mim83, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Hey,

    Wonder if anyone can help me... I am in the process of selection for the TA Int Corps. I work in the Defence Industry and have just completed a Masters in Terrorism and International Relations so it seemed the obvious choice despite having previously been wooed by the Regular RA. Anyways, I am working with a Personal Trainer to get my fitness up to scratch again and can almost do the Infantry run time of 12:45 and I know the Int Corps' cut off time is 14 mins + an assault course. Now i'm not too worried about the phys side of things but because I am developing muscle mass i'm not losing as much weight as I would like and am worried that my BMI will fail me on my medical (prior to selection lets go for a run weekend) as it is not always taken into account. Anyone know how they work this out or how strict they are on BMI's?
  2. As it is not an Int Corps specific question, you could try the Health & Fitness Forum. You would probably get the answer you are looking for there.
  3. I'm confused! What has an airline got to do with INT CORPS selection? Are they your current employers or something?
  4. That's why I suggested that it wasn't Corps specific question; anyone can fly BMI.
  5. my BMI is 45% fat and i am still in the corps.

    but that is only because they can't get me out from behind my desk ;)
  6. Only 45% you must be one of the fit ones.
  7. I thought they were selcting personnel to fly for BMI. How dissappointing to find out that we now NEED a BMI test.

    You mean you can't look at someone and say "You're too fat, feck off!"

    How thick are the medics when it comes to recruiting??
  8. I remember asking the online recruiters what weight i had to be to pass the medical for entrance to the army and they said something like 13st. Bearing in mind ive played rugby for years and im quite well built 13st would make me look ill. :)

    The BMI, as mentioned is a load of rubbish. To put it into perspective they say that a BMI of 30 or more makes you completely obese but Johnny Wilkinson has a BMI of 32 and i dont really think hes what you would call morbedly obese.
  9. Maybe they could introduce the BMI as part of ATDs. That should weed out some of the fat, useless, fatherless cnuts!!!

    Shin splints my fecking ARRSE! LMF more like.

    sorry the red mist started to creep in...
  10. 1771 you must guard against the red mist at all times, it is the precursor of the galloping lurgi.
  11. Until some fat git beats you in on a BFT and you both have sub 10 minute times. The shame...... :oops:
  12. if i could still do a sub 10 minute bft i wouldn't give a f*ck who beat me!

    f*cking knees. 8:21 was once my bft time, now it's how long it takes before i can walk normally when i get up in the morning... :)
  13. I've just completed selection and now I'm awaiting an interview for the int corp has anyone got any helpful advice or web links, preferrably not any british army links as I have read virtually every thing on there site.

    p.s. did anyone fail selection due to a heart murmur???
  14. well, accurate spelling is good... swarve is apparently spelt suave.

    (unless you have an alternate reason for said name, Mr Swarve)
  15. What selection was that? Reg or TA?