Int corps & RMPs???

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Shenda, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. I have just been previously told that the Int corps have a large history with the RMP's and that we were atually 'as one' and under the same cap badge not all the long ago! Is this true??
  2. I asked this question aware that I am running the risk of a 'Wah', but I had to ask!
  3. Just found the answer....

    At the beginning of the Second World War, the CMP had several branches: Special Investigation Branch (SIB); Red Caps, who were responsible for general policing; Blue Caps (Vulnerable Points), responsible for security of static locations and establishments; White Caps (Traffic Control); and Field Security Wing (Green Caps), which was separated from the CMP in 1940 to form the Intelligence Corps, and who wore the CMP cap badge, but without the scroll. By the end of the war the Red Caps had replaced the Blue and White Caps. The RMP provided support to the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in France and these units were also involved in Operation Dynamo.
  4. 2 main differences:

    RMP can investigate and bring criminal charges.

    Int Corps can investigate, advise and make recommendations.
  5. .....and exploit !
  6. ......and for the second time - get yourself off to the Museum !

    Sadly, there is no INT CORPS (other than the MOD site) online presence currently available to give a precise and chronological history of the Corps from its inception through to the modern day.

    However, I am sure that they will be able to assist in your `research`into both the RMP `connection` and the reasons behind the current beret colour.
  9. RMP deal in fact...... Int Corps deal in fiction. Easy peasy, lemon sqeezy.
  10. Interesting how a few relics come out when AGC (RMP) are mentioned in the same thread as The Intelligence Corps......
  11. You are half right...

    The green hats diid seperate from the CMP but didn't actually form the Int Corps, just contribute its members to it. The green beret was adopted though.

    (I just can'y understand why the Int Corps haven't mentioned that little nugget! :roll: )
  12. Just been reminded that yes the INT CORPS did have a `large history` with the RMP !

    Around 1987 - 1990 the RMP (SIB) were extremely close to a number of INT CORPS quasi authors !

    I think the word `sedition` was mentioned a couple of times in statements and large scale room searches for privately held Underwood Fives (that's a manual wordprocessor {typewriter} to the uneducated), Gestetners and carbon paper purchased from Geerings of Ashford !

    No charges were brought upon those unfortunate individuals who were allegedly subjected to severe interview techniques - seemingly all had OP MOTORMAN `romper room` experience so were not bothered at receiving gifted amateur harsh during their brief incaceration.

    Anyone got a scanned pdf copy of Number 3 as it is a collectors item apparently !

    Do not think there are any copies in the Museum so pointless to ask when you eventually turn up!