Int Corps Reunited

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. I thought it would be nice to put something up allowing people to get in touch with old friends.

    For anyone who remembers "the artist formerly known as Jim" (AFKAJ), I found this picture of him (second from the right).

    good to know he finally found some soldiers who respect him :)

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  2. Some things are just beyond a joke!

    I'm straight down to the stores tomorrow and I'm not leaving until I get my wellies.
  3. You're mistaken, CR, that's the last Royal Signals Supervisor Radio* Course passing off at Chicksands a few years ago. The Top Student is just about to receive a 99 with raspberry sauce, and a can of Fanta from the inspecting officer, together with a copy of "Intelligence Management for Dummies".

    * Supervisor (Radio) is the former name of the supervisory appointment now re-designated Yeoman of Signals (Expert Windowlicker) (YofS (EW)). Selection for the YofS (EW) roster is based on merit and potential, with candidates boarded from Special (Needs) Operators Class 1, holding the rank of substantive Sergeant.
  4. Fcuk me! Is that the UKNIC?
  5. I think you will find it's squad 62
  6. It could have been one of the latest squads But then it is more likely that one of them made the photo and all the others just copied it.. :D

    Squad 19X - The Fraud Squad
  7. that photo still makes me chuckle every time i see it. and the AFKAJ resemblance is uncanny!
  8. Isn't that Howayman, 3rd from left? :lol:
  9. could well be.

    and isn't that you in the middle?!??! 8)

  10. Don't be stupid CR, how can that be me when clearly I am the first on the right! :roll:
  11. Shaming it may well be, but the truth is that the faces of two of those chaps are alarmingly similar to two members of 122 Int Sect of the 1976 era, and another instantly reminds me of a former Corps RSM. All brilliant blokes, but apt to eat with their fingers.

    (PS: I'm the one who knows how to salute.)
  12. Isn't it the top table group photo at the last dining out of the Director?
  13. :lol: