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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by grollier, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. looking possibly at joining int corps after 9 yrs raf. looked on army careers they only seem to be looking for linguists. is there ongoing recruitment for operators ? having been pretty relaxed about the whole military thing would i be in for a major culture shock ? cheers
  2. Try asking in Intelligence Corps" towards the bottom of the forums page and not here in Intelligence Cell

    11:00 Thread moved by Mods in case you think I'm more senile
    than I already appear
  3. cheers mate.
  4. why don't you want to be a linguist?
  5. not that i dont want to be a linguist as such it's just that they want previous language experience. if the army want to send me on a language course im happy.
  6. Thay don't want previous lang experience, they want to know you have the ability to learn a language. PM me if you want to know more.
  7. Because if you have previous lang experience you'll be a teacher and not a student. You'll still be massively on the p1ss though!
  8. 8) I'm an opmi(L) and as long as you pass your MLAT you're in. They're crying out for linguists at the moment mate. The problem is do you really want to spend 18 months at chicksands or beaconsfield on a lang course? Its not eveyones cup of tea, and I've spent 4 years on lang courses and its hard going! get extra money now tho according to your slp language level so its got a few benefits.
  9. You're laughing if you like onions and lightning fast ducks who can outrun/waddle pished humans :D
  10. Is it any wonder we have a linguist shortage when ********* like you talk people out of the job with your fcuking whining before they even turn up?
    Wise up you cnut. :x