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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by tb9, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. tb9


    Hi lads, I'm fairly new here so I'll try not to ask dumb questions ("do we have to buy our own guns" etc). Just got a few questions on the Int Corps recruitment process.

    I'm 18, at sixth form, in fairly good shape, interests and skills aligned with the Corps' (I hope). Looking to join because I'd like to help out and give something back to society, don't really mind what I end up doing. Currently looking at a > 5 year commitment. I'm an average guy, fairly motivated and just wanna do my bit.

    Should I first visit the barracks or go down to the local ACIO to begin?
    How long will the recruitment process take, assuming medical, interviews, tests and vetting go well?
    Will my age(/inexperience) be a grounds for rejection at some point?
    What kind of roles might I expect post-training?

    I appreciate some of this isn't for public discussion, so by all means be as obscure as you want. Thanks a bunch.
  2. As Travelgall says. And yes, you do have to buy your own gun.
  3. tb9


    Was referring to this

    I've already decided 3MI, I didn't mention it because I didn't fancy a recruiter reading my post and rejecting me on application for being an idiot.

    Anyone got any answers for my other qs? I just don't want to waste half a day trekking to the ACIO when I could just turn up on a weekend.
  4. Hi tb9

    In answer to your questions, ** ****** *** ** ** ****** **** ********* *** ** *****.

    Then again, ****** *** spud**** the whole thing is made completely out of rubber**** * *** *** Alice, the Staffie **** **** **** * **** *** * ** ******* ****** of course **** **** luck.

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