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Any individual wishing to join the Intelligence Corps currently goes through the following selection process:

Apply at the Careers Information Office.
Complete Army Form AFCO4 and complete the BARB test (a test of your ability to be trained).
Pass two interviews and go to the Army Development and Selection Centre. The Careers Office will show you a DVD on the ADSC.
If you are recommended for the Intelligence Corps you will be called forward for a visit to the home of the Corps at Chicksands:

You arrive by 1630hrs on a Monday and complete selection administration.
On the Tuesday you will complete various written and verbal assessments. You will take the Modern Languages Aptitude Test (MLAT). You will also visit the Military Intelligence Museum.
You have a final interview on Wednesday morning before departing

Finally, you will be notified within 24 hours of the results of the assessment.

No other information on the nature of the written and verbal assessments will be provided.

Anyone who has completed the visit will not, we hope, wish to lower the standard by giving unfair advantage to those who follow by providing any detail about the assessments.

Our key advice is be yourself and answer all the questions honestly.

Please feel free to ask any questions or PM NTTT.

cpunk said:
Official Intelligence Corps Careers Website can be found here
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