Int Corps phase 1 training?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by temporary_123, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone, seriously want to join intelligence corps ASAP. In the application process atm, anybody know where phase 1 would be as my recruiter does not know? :-?
  2. It's at Pirbright in Surrey.
  3. That was my first guess but it does not say it anywhere and as I said my recruiter didn't know either. Thanks a lot :)
  4. Does it really matter?
  5. Does what really matter?
  6. life...

    Or more to the point: Does it really matter where you are going to do Phase 1 training. It's not as if you get a choice.
  7. That's what I meant - thanks Howayman.
  8. I know you don't get a choice but the reason I wanted to know was I have my interview next week and I want to be prepared.
  9. More info, great! Thanks for the link
  10. It says on the army website, in the Int Corps brochure and various other sources FFS

    Your recruiter should have printed you out a job sheet and it says on there
  11. It doesn't say on my job sheet because I'm not 18 yet. But OPMI is my first job choice. And I mused have missed them out, I do apologise.
  12. In case your recruiter has missed this bit out as well, Phase 1 for Int Corps is exactly the same as for every other cap badge.