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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. whilst perusing another thread about walts, i noticed that the corps page was the 48th most popular page on Arrsepedia (the arrse version of wiki).

    so i just thought i would compare the Wikipedia entry for the corps with the Arrse entry (oo-er - calm down, AF1771)

    Wikipedia entry - snippet:

    never knew that. full screw after 2 years in the army? yet still they whine? if it's true - i guess there's just no pleasing linguists :roll: ;)

    Arrsepedia entry - snippet:

    i know which one is more accurate :D
  2. Its harder than it sounds!! :wink:
  3. only if you care about the gridlines matching up :D
  4. Yet again no surprise that you are unable to get the simplest Corps skills correct and therefore have been vastly overpromoted (emphasis on the vast bit is appropriate so I'm told). :)
  5. so you don't have to be crap at your job to get promoted then? 8O

    or is that a separate thread lol
  6. Typical dimsider, you go to the trouble of collating the information, but fail to do any analysis of the content. You may notice that the wiki entry states "Up until 2005". So no, linguists do not routinely get promoted to Cpl after just 2 years in the Army. :wink:

    That is not to say it did not happen for a brief period, in an effort to address the shortage of linguists. Prior to the introduction of language pay, the Directorate came up with the idea of financially enhancing a linguists pay by promoting them. If I recall, this suggestion was briefed to an OPMI Managers Course, which happened to be running at the time. From what I was told, it was laughed off and nobody actually thought that the Corps' plan would ever come to fruition, because almost everybody agreed that what was actually needed was either language pay or an improved language award/bonus scheme. However, contrary to the recommendations of the SNCOs on the course, which naturally included a number of very experienced linguists, the Corps went ahead with the early promotion option. Consequently, we have some absolute fuckwits that are now SNCOs who should still be lance jacks. :roll:
  7. Mate,

    We have a Lt Col in the Corps who should still be a fucking lance-jack...
  8. Congratulations CR. From the most innocuous of starts to a Darkside bashing in about 4 lines! That's gotta be a record even for you.

    Fraser is quite right. Lings were NEVER promoted to Corporal on completion of training. The mad idea of promoting them after 6 months in their first unit came about in 02-03 for the reasons he states above. It was quietly dropped soon afterwards, as there was one tiny flaw in the plan. Fans of Blackadder will fill you in on what it was.
  9. oh, i saw it... ;)

  10. Just one?!!!
  11. Back in 2001 they were telling the guys on phase 2 at Chicksands that those who did a long language course would be promoted to Cpl on successful completion on said course. Lo and behold it was total bollocks and never happened. Funny old thing that.
  12. Why does anyone join the Int Corps as a linguist? Promotion (and thus pay and conditions) are much better as a CT in the Andrew, and the jobs are virtually all tri-service now anyway.

    I suspect, however, that some member of the Int Corps will be along within the next 12 hours to suggest otherwise!