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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by 1234intel, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Soon to be joining the Corps and wanted to know from anyone serving or past serving if there are concrete opportunities to undertake All Arms Commando or P Coy course as well as the Jumps course? I have read that either one of these is needed to join SFSG (presuming there is an INT detachment at St Athan)!

    I turned down a career with the RM for the Corps but am still keen to get my lid and generallly kick the arse out of it wherever I can! Also has anyone undertaken JSG selection?

    Thanks guys/girls!

  2. Barbgenius?
  3. Whats Barbgenius?
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  4. You automatically get your wings after you've passed your phase 2 and been issued with your Aston Martin.
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  5. I'm not Int corps Genius, but I think "Barbgenius" is refering to BARB scores? (Int fail), besides I'm only here to ask why after Passing out as either a Royal Marine or a RM ocifer you decided to leave the Corps and that career and join the Int Corps, however refering to the Int corps as "the Corps" tells me the career within the RM Corps was really just in your head.

    Good luck with your chosen career :thumright:

  6. Not sure what you mean. I passed PRMC and at a later date POC and was given a start date at Lympstone. However I also passed Regimental selection at DISC and am due to start shortly.

    Ironically mate there is a guy in my troop who did just that (left the RM and rejoined the Int Corps). Back to the original question though?
  7. I rest my case your honour.
  8. Bagde collecting are we??
  9. thought they had binned the jumps course a couple of years back, due to lack of hercs / funding :)
  10. CR! Is this you again..?
  11. why, you got another medal you wanna show off? :wink:
  12. How did you have a Troop if you didn't start training? Or is it a friend from PRMC/POC?
    It is possible to do the courses you mentioned, though even Paras seem to have a hard time getting a jumps course thses days.
  13. IF you pass the human hell that is phase 1 training and make it to Templer Company you will be streamed into a series of sections according to your phys at Pirbright, scores on the 'Crossfit Challenge' in the Chicksands gym and general allyness.

    Those lucky enough to earn a place in the 'top' section by strong performance in the areas above must complete a compulsory 'centurion challenge' on week 2 of the OPMI course. This includes a 100 miler around the Bedfordshire countryside carrying 50kg followed by a 'centurion' in Abbot's bar. IF and only IF you pass this arduous test you have passed in to 'the section' and from this point onward it is mandatory to bring a protein shake container with you when you enter the junior ranks mess and wear short sleeve order all year round. Any indescretions may see you end up with the geeks in the IMINT wing. You have been warned!

    During Phase 2 you can also undertake an aptitude test for the UWKF (Under Water Knife Fighting) course, if you wish to add this specialisation to your skill set. It comes with a nice badge.

    Assuming you stay in 'the section', following getting your Lance Jack, you will be loaded straight onto P Coy and your jumps course, followed by the AACC and selection. Unfortunately I cannot reveal what awaits you after this for reasons for PERSEC but please be assured you will get to collect as many badges as you like.
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  14. I think you've said enough already...
  15. Firstly, Her Majesty's Royal Marines are THE Corps.

    Secondly, having not even started YO training you didn't "turn down a career" in THE Corps, you failed to even begin one.

    Thirdly, if by some divine miracle you manage to start AND finish (crazy concept I know) training with the Int Corps, and happen to be drafted to the SFSG you'll simply rock up like most of the other atts and hats and be given the maroon beret for **** all.

    Finally, you are an absolute scran bag.