Int Corps officer "time line"

After reading the sticky "Int Corps Recruiting, Familiarisation..." thread, I am wondering if there is a similar thread anywhere in the forum for officers?

I have searched, with little result, to try and find information relating to what officers can expect after the JO Course-perhaps more specifically after completing duty as a section commander?

Also, am I correct in understanding that a lot of soldiers already hold a degree and that some decide/are chosen at the corporal mark to go DE route to officer instead of moving through to WO2 for a stab at LE commission?

Thank you!
Maybe an Officer will do a similar stickie for life as a Junior Officer. I'm not really in a position to truthfully answer but I'll give it a go.

In reverse order.

Yes, some JNCO's come into the Corps holding a degree (though what the correct stats are...I have no idea). Some will elect to apply for commission as a JNCO, and some may be identified as potential Officers. However (and someone else needs to spot me here), I believe the current policy is that the Corps does not as a rule commission JNCOs into the Corps. They will generally commission into another Arm or Service. There is no issue with them then transfering back into the Corps at a later date.

As for the life of a subaltern...

Once commsisioned you will generally do an attachment to (generally) a teeth arm Regt or Bn (Inf / Armr) and may even see out an Op Tour as a Pl Comd. Once that has been completed there then follows the JOC which is held at Chicksands, and is quite long (I don't have the time lines). On completion you will then be fired out to be either a Sect OC or even a Coy 2i/c for your first tour. This will be either in CI/Sy or Op Int (CS/GS) in the main, though there are some exceptions.

You are essentially managing the Section tasks (G2 - G7) with the WOIC managing the G1/G4 aspects. QC of reports, briefing the Comd elements and probably preparing the Sect for future deployments. You also need to get you self qualified for promotion, AT and leave. You will be busy. Managing soldiers is a busy job, made even busier by getting a full days work.

Anyone else want to add (preferably someone who holds a commission)?
Thank you for that post, it is interesting. Are you currently int corps? Does anyone else have anything similar/extra to add?
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gogmilwr said:
Thank you for that post, it is interesting. Are you currently int corps? Does anyone else have anything similar/extra to add?
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