INT Corps - office job or out and abouters?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by JohnnyFive, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Evenin all,

    As a soldier/officer in the int corps you'll obviously need to work behind a computer a fair bit but does the job come with a significant proportion of field int work as well? ...or are the majority of roles in the corps army-office bound?
  2. Similar field? Intelligence? Security? Who for - Police? Those jokers at Vx?

    It isnt Intel either.

    Are you intending to apply to the Int Corps or mildly curious?

    Are you prepared to be a soldier first and a tradesman second? If not join the airforce.

    Do you want to do the job or manage others doing the job (generally) ?

    What interests you? Attached to a Brigade HQ deploying to Helmand or higher formation elewhere? Specialist in Imagery, Humint, Sigint, Linguist, Security/Counter Intelligence?

    There are a variety of office and non-office based jobs and you will have to do a mixture over a career but there will certainly be opportunities for deployments, field exercises and work outside an office environment.

    You certainly wont be in an office throughout the year, unless perhaps you are non-deployable for a good reason.