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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, May 11, 2006.

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  1. There will be a few army wide, but I'm after any Corps specific ones.

    I thought that "Picking up your boss' phone before he does" is a good one utilising the remote pick up.

    Of course there's always the "c.o.c.k" game a la The Office.
  2. Might be a bit difficult if they have a phone which shows who's calling.
  3. None in my office mate which introduces internal office c.o.c.king!!!
  4. I am pretty sure I have read threads in here that claim you are all too busy to go to Bn Conc Camps, yet you have time for larking around?

    What about the old "Good lad" game?
  5. Simple yet effective.. if you have a phone where the reciever sits up and down (a la synergy ones on Telic) as opposed to the old green DSTN ones (where it's across the way), simply rotate the hadset through 180 degrees so that when the unsuspecting victing answers their phone they hold it earpiece to their mouths. Highly amusing whilst on ops. :D

    The only other one I can think of with the phones is when someone's on the phone, pull the handset gently away from their ear - they will instinctively hoik it back towards them as hard as they can and twat themselves in the side of the head. When done effectivley it's one of the single funniest things that you can realistically get away with in the office! :) Mind you.. I dont think these are Corps specific. Specific Corps one would be the old "Who knows what this picture of a tank is?" (Cue recognition geek - "It's a BRDM-2blahblahblah) Rest of office - "YOU'RE A HOMO!!" .... Hey I thouhgt it was funny! :s

  6. If you pick up the bosses phone, you have to make sure his hand gets as close to it as humanly possible before you pick it up. Another favourite is to ask the sproggiest member of the section "is that the phone ringing?" when he inevitably says yes, this is swiftly followed by a loud "Wah"!
  7. i remember a particularly technophobic OC we had in NI in 91... broke more phones and typewriters than one could remember. once used the old "BT code" to dial an 0898 recorded pornline number, then patched it through to his office. cue the highly amusing scenario:

    "oooh, i want to suck your cock until you are as hard as a stick of rock..."
    "i want to sit on your face..."

    slams down the phone in consternation, whilst we giggle like a bunch of teenage schoolgirls hiding in the next office :lol:
  8. Did a similar thing in NI. Patched someone in to one of those rant lines. The rant was about making someones daughter pregnant, but the guy (unknown to us) introduced himself as Maj somebody or other. The guy on the receiveing end sh*t himself!!!!!

    Made for a good debreif afterwards.
  9. ......Drinking Beer.....

  10. SHAG



    Used with 3 members of the opposite sex who are quite close in terms of 'rankings'. Even a perceived etiquette, so that you cant include window lickers and bouncing lovelies in the same trio. One person chooses three... everyone else chooses order and then justifies!

    Usually used with regard to celebrities no Int Corps person would have the chance of meeting, never mind shagging, marrying, or murdering...

    but also very funny when applied to colleagues, or well known figures in the Corps! Especially when backed up by the thought processes and the experiences of the chooser with certain individuals as to who gets what...

    Now shall we turn this thread into a game ? :wink: :D

  11. Fool. A BRDM-2 isn't a tank. Basic schoolboy error worthy of over zealous BBC reporting. You should really
    know better blahblahblah :)
  12. Bah... please see attached photo in my previous post!

  13. is it wrong to want to do all three to the same woman? 8O

    before you say 'no', you should understand that i want to change the order too :twisted:
  14. you talking about your ex again???

    let it go.......deep breaths......

    :p :p :p
  15. As a young LCpl I returned to my desk one morning having been on a visit, sat down at my desk and immediately collapsed into a pile of wood and metal. My colleagues had removed every single screw from my desk and chair and rebalanced everything perfectly. Obviously the first thing I grabbed when my chair collapsed was the edge of the desk...!

    Although I was the victim, it was an amazingly effective stunt.