Int Corps No.2 Dress/FAD Regs

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by LazyLoki, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this in work as I should probably know but what's the score with Corps SNCOs wearing a green sash and belt with No.2 Dress/FAD? I've made it through my whole career so far without ever having to wear the stuff but it looks like I've now been cornered and have to get some ready pretty quickly.

    Last time I wore mine was pass-off and I'm sure I remember the instructors wearing sashes and belts but can't be certain and don't have my pass-off photo handy to check. I've seen people wearing webbing belts with No.2s (looks pretty chippy in my opinion) but I distinctly remember people wearing the square plate belt buckles with cap badge on... So, what's the proper regs on this?

    Grateful if someone can clear this up for me!
  2. Our dress regs are utter tonk, but there's a paragraph in them asking us not to discuss them in public. So I won't.
  3. Green Sash compulsory for Paddy's Day parades. Gen up.
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  4. Any chance of a PM if you know the answer? Cheers.
  5. Int Corps dress regs. You're having a ******* giraffe, aren't you?
  6. If we maintain our usual standards as in days of yore, wear it however you want, no one will know the difference !
  7. Yes, you must wear the green sash. But only for the bikini and high heels round of judging.
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  8. I'm sure I saw a copy in the Guardroom. Let me see...that would have been in 1981 IIRC. You know, the old place at Ashford.

    It is probably still knocking around somewhere.

    You might ask this lot: 89/317FSS - Home

    On the other hand, if you are wearing shiny boots, a clean, brushed beret, suitable belt and medals then I don't suppose anyone will be too bothered. If anyone kicks up a fuss ask them* what is says in dress regs. Unless it's the Corps RSM they probably won't have seen a copy either...


    * edited to add...not Them...obviously. They used to have a difficult time grasping the concept of "regulations", let alone something as tricky as what to wear...

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  9. oi, Barney spent ages doing the dress regs getting them approved and a new jumper; publishing them online and then getting them removed for some reason!'
  10. As I recall from my dim and very distant past, the only SNCOs to wear a Green Sash, (not the Sash my Father Wore !), officially, were those Drill Instructors or the Orderly Sergeant (occasionally) at the Old Depot. Worn from the Right shoulder (underneath a buttoned down or velcro sealed epaulette) to the Left side of the waist OVER the waist belt (whatever the colour or material). Said Sash, belt and Beret is removed on entry into the Sgts Mess on pain of extras. The only other time I have seen a Green Sash being worn (apart from Cummerbund) is when a SNCO ensconced within a Unit was required to perform the Duties of Orderly Sergeant.

    Generally, though, it was as rare as the proverbial Rocking Horse Shit.

    Hope this helps.
  11. It should be worn around the head in a Rambo style, with two streaks of cam cream underneath, along with your best scarey bear stare.
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  12. "..and tell me Staff, do SNCOs in the Corps still wear a green sash if they have passed the drill pigs course?"

    "Yes Mam, also when they have been stiffed for Orderly Sgt."

    "I see......"

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  13. Why does that conjure up an image of one of the WRAC crawling out of a sleeping bag in the morning after a night on the piss while on an adventure training exercise...


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  15. I recall it being great sport in Joint HQs abroad for every member of the Army staff to wear different uniforms from each other. The Int Corps contingent also managed to wear different uniforms regularly, often not even uniform, and gave outlandish explanations for why, for example, lanyards were worn on different shoulders. There were only two of us.

    The question is bollocks and the answer is simple. If it is something really official wear in accordance with whatever dress regs are now. The adjutant or Corps RSM will know. If you are going to a wedding or similar wear whatever the **** you like. Firstly, nobody will know any better. Secondly, if they might know better then tell lies (see para above). Lastly, if they really do know then buy them beer and swear them to secrecy.