Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by The Counterfeiter, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Good evening all,

    would anyone happen to have NCO Mess Dress for sale/charitable donation ?

    ICA are holding some, none of which fit.

    Chest 40-42
    waist 34-36 (naturally, this is in Mess Kit sizes not normal!)
    inside leg 31

    Many thanks,
    T C.
  2. Err - don't you get a uniform grant for it in this brave new era?
  3. Depends if you're transferring...
  4. A small price to pay to get in the glorious Corps!
  5. Check PM, matey.
  6. Mine is now going, waist about 30", height suit 5' 10" waistcoat need a bit of a sew after some field adjustment to ensure a fit, and one of the buttons is held on with a safety pin after nearly taking someones eye out at a RAF Brampton dinner when it popped under pressure!
  7. You always were a skinny bugger.
  8. I currently have a spare Mess Dress for a slimmish chap as MV will confirm

    Chest 44
    Waist 44
    Inside Leg - You Cheeky Boy

    A bit well worn by now I would imagine !

    PS: Following my foray with the NHS some time back, my waist has reverted to 36 !