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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by rebel_with_a_cause, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Evening all. Need a bit of help please. I need to get hold of the official Int Corps Mission. Thanks.
    You don't think I'm going to bite on that one do you?

  3. Didn't it include the bit about "these instructions will self destruct in 5 seconds"?


  4. Is it like the Alamo? Try calling Ashford 22...

    Oh Wait, it isn't there anymore is it?
  5. Hmmm, D INT have one, 1 MI Bde has one. I don't think the corps actually does. It does have role on the interweb site though......
  6. Not for some time....however Flatfoot Sams is still alive and kicking from what I understand.
  7. Flatfoot Sams? You mean the Market pub doesn't have disco upstairs at the back anymore?

    How time flies.
  8. Cheers. I'll pass this on to the poor sod who is waiting out for my answer.
  9. If I recall correctly most of us managed to get banned from that establishment anyway.
  10. Call yourself Int Corps....and you can't blag your way into a shite bar?? FFS!
  11. Smudge to be honest it was hardly worth bothering, blagging your way out was harder.
  12. If I remember correctly, that is where the Esprit de Corps came into its own when I returned from across the water in "76". I went in there with another buddy from the Corps, got pi**ed on the watered down lager, smiled at a reasonable looking bird, then got beaten up outside by her boyfriend and his mates whilst my erstwhile buddy did a runner.

    No Rebel ! It wasn't Randy Mandy
  13. I should think not, Mandy could never be desribed as reasonable looking, however she was very obliging.
  14. Annabella's and then Dusty's (or was it the other way round) in my day but stil a craphole!

    Is the lady to which you old Warriors refer the same Mandy as worked in the Acorn? She was obliging as well!
  15. From the display she gave those of us who were awake in the bottom room of Block 6 one night - and I won't embarrass you any further Reb - she looked pretty reasonable in the dark !

    Sorry to disappoint you Glad - I think she was one of Ashford town's line up of beauties - along with the 16 year old who tried to take my virginity in the drying room of Block 6A - at least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !