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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by thenaughtyintsprite, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. I need some Corps mess dress for a collegue for a christmas function can anyone help ?
  2. the obvious question being... why haven't got their own...? :)
  3. Try ICA. They have a load, if you are prepared to shell out a few quid.
  4. Because its gay
  5. Perhaps your collegue needs to review some of the obligations to entering the most exclusive club in the world.

    Alternatively your colleague could always ask the Corps dress committe to consider a proposed sealed pattern for a Cypress green TNF WindstopperTM jacket with french grey facings.

    This may not be so "gay", perhaps your collegue has difficulty of grasping the concept of the grey man?

    I suppose if they are all wearing TNF, ( and KSBs) it will be quite easy to blend in with the crowd ??
  6. Sprite - you need to check out the spelling of the Corps' motto on you avatar. :roll:
  7. My word Mrs R, you must have extremely good eyesight. :) Are you an IA by chance?
  8. So what does it say then Raven/Sprite? B**gered if I can read it.
  9. Sprite - Your mate should get a grip and purchase a Mess Dress, or is he/she a transferee who thinks after x amount of years in 'a real Corps' they shouldnt get another Mess Dress because the Int Corps isnt something to be proud of, but just a way of pension pinching?

    Failing that! The ICA store cupboard have a few - especially if your mate is 'medium' size. If they want to buy one I would suggest - quite pricey, but a good quality product.
  10. When I looked at the Mess Kit in the ICA Store cupboard, it looked like a number of portly dwarves had recently retired from the Corps. :)
  11. Not true, I've still got mine.

    Actually, I might be persuaded to let it go - 34" waist, 32" leg, 44" chest, Yangos of Five Mile Point provenance, SNCO pattern - any interest from anyone?
  12. I just got some new specs...I can see the dents in my car now.

    Someone mis-spelt 'Cognitio' - they left out the second 'i'. Now if I wasn't on duty I'd drink myself into a stupor for being so sad... :lol:
  13. I'd be drinking petrol right now if I were you!
  14. Wench you have never needed an excuse to drink petrol.
  15. Did anyone else immediately think "CR..." when they read the above? Or was it just me?