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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Nayweiser, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. As it stands i'm part way through recruitment. Had my medical documents filled in by my doctor, and opticians documents sorted. Went to an Army Insight Day at Chetwynd Barracks yesterday, and proved i'm near enough fit enough to go for selection.

    I've got myself torn between 2 jobs though, Intelligence Operator or Electronics/Avionics Technician.

    I know both jobs are completly different, but thats really my point. I've done my own research on each job, but its limited on what you can find on the army website (Especially now its been changed).

    I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about the Int corps for me. The part i'm particularly interested in is Imagery Intelligence.

    1. What does your daily job (After Phase 2) consist of?
    2. Do you get sent on "tour" often?
    3. What opportunities for different qualifications are there?
    4. Where are you working at the moment?
    5. What part of the job is the most boring?
  2. Not wishing (in any way whatsoever) to offend the Int guys, but go for the Electronics Tech. You won't be in the Army for the rest of your life so get a really good trade behind you which is instantly transferable to Civvy Street. Even if you do the full 22 (or more under new system) you will have a bloody good trade to fall back on. Some of the Int jobs are useful in civvy street but would suggest electronics (especially avionics) would be far preferable.
  3. can't comment about electronics tech, but the life of an intelligence operator is far more varied than that of an avionics tech (greenie).
  4. That is exactly what draws me towards the REME. Simply because I know afterwards I'll have solid qualifications for civvy street. However, im also looking at the fact that i'd rather do something varied/interesting, than be bored whilst I spend my time in the army. Hence the reason for all my questions above, so i can get more of insight to the job. :)
  5. Imagery is a growing industry with the advent of more UAVs. As for the future, there will be plenty more jobs as UAVs become accepted for flying in civil airspace, something that the Police recognise and are looking at.

    However it is only one trade and you should not expect to specialise in it for your whole career.
  6. Thats a fair point. I dont think i'd enjoy doing HUMINT, and SIGINT. EW sounds interesting, but being completely honest I don't think i could hold my head down enough to learn different languages. Its the whole Imagery Analysis that I find intriguing and would love to do.
  7. At the tactical level, SIGINT and EW go pretty much hand-in-hand, the dividing line has become somewhat blurred in recent years. Whilst the majority of Int Corps soldiers working in SI/EW are linguists, there are an increasing number of OPMIs doing pure analytical work.

    *Fraser sits back and awaits one of the old-and-bold ANSI/OPSI lot ranting on about the lack of analysis training for OPMIs.
  8. Anyone able to answer my initial 5 questions?
  9. Are you sure? There's a good reason why information is limited on the army website.
  10. explaining to potential recruits why our job is more fun than fixing electronics for a living.
  11. Am I sure of what? I don't think the questions i've asked are delving too deeply into stuff that a civilian shouldn't know.
  12. JPA.
  13. 1. What does your daily job (After Phase 2) consist of?
    4. Where are you working at the moment?

    I am sorry! These clearly are things that should be posted in the public domaine.
  14. I can't see why they can't tell me what they get up to in the day. Whether it be analysing images or whatever.. Im not asking for information that may be secretive.

    I guess asking where they are working at the moment is something they can't reveal however.
  15. No one is going to be stupid enough to answer this one, with the possible exception of CR............. :wink: