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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Hitch, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. How many serving or ex-Corps are/were aware of this WW2 operation devised, planned and successfully executed by an Int Corps officer, who was subsequently decorated and is still alive?

    The officer in question is Patrick Leigh-Fermor, wartime Int Corps. Quite why the Corps has since done nothing to commemorate this achievement is astonishing since he is still alive (and approaching 90). Other Regiments and Corps take pride when their officers or soldiers perform such deeds but it seems that this (which are in the public domain) is almost unknown amongst the Corps.

  2. Hitch,

    Actually Patrick Leigh Fermor was extremely kind and helpful when I contacted him and asked him about the operation. I and five others followed the route taken across Crete by PLF and his team with the kidnapped Gen Kreipe; met up with his Cretan 2 i/c, George Tyrakis, who hosted us for a day in his home village; and we were subsequently invited to the Resistance museum being opened by PLF in Herakilon; were able to present PLF with a Corps plaque; and met many of his Resistance collegue (Alas most dead now). The Cretens hold PLF in very high regard and were extremely hospitable to my group when they discovered the purpose of our trip.

    My adventure training expedition and the story of the kidnap of Gen Kreipe was detailed in the Rose and Laurel, and a few years later the story of PLF's operation was retold in greater detail by another member of the Corps in the journal. PLF's operation in Crete gets a specific mention in the Corps ICA brief to recruits.

    PLF has to my certain knowledge been invited to various major dinners at Ashford and Chicksands, but because he lives in Greece, and in recent years was caring for his wife (now dead) he has not been able to attend. I know he also holds his association with his original regiment the Irish Guards in high regard.

    I am not sure where you get the idea about officers and soldiers of the Corps not knowing about PLF or the operation to kidnap Kreipe - you possibly have not been in long enough to have read the two articles in the Corps journal. Granted the account in the Corps official history - Forearmed by Clayton - is inaccurate and bearly gives the Corps involvement in SOE much space. But in my humble opinion Forearmed is pants reducing the Corps history to mundane statistics and half told stories with glaring inaccuracies.

    The Intelligence Corps does care about its former members and paying due respect to both the famous and unknown. That is why we are putting such effort into modernising the Corps Museum, expanding and organising the Corps archives and have in the last two years undertaken a project to visit and photograph every war grave of Corps casualties from 1940 to 1947 (Including Indian, West African and Burmese Intelligence Corps).


  3. I would add there are many others of the calibre of Patrick Leigh Fermor whom we hold in equally high regard. We just quietly celebrate the achievements of these men and women, particularly as many of them are too modest to make a fuss about their remarkable achievements.
  4. NTT you really do show some remarkable dedication, I hope that at least your at home and not sitting in your office. The Crete trip sounds great, its just given me an idea for a Battlefield Tour!
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    I can recommend the adv trg!
  6. The Int Corps doesn't have any history there only 50 years old :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. Minge-blood should take a trip from wherever he is and get down to the Corps museum for a look around (a trip for some spelling lessons wouldn't go amiss either).
  8. If you go to Crete it is worth popping inot the museum (which is basically a man's home full of stuff) - it is on the Chania- Hora sfakion road and he was very welcoming to my fellow FANY and I once he was told we are British! His collection is very interesting but he gets no subsidy from the government or anywhere else I believe. He described to us how he was 10 when he watched the German paratroopers land - he has a scar on his head where a bullet grazed him. I hope to go back to Crete one day and will visit the resistance Museum then.
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    Spook_44 - What are you doing in civvies? :wink:
  10. Hey Crap Spy, don't sit on the fence, say what you mean!!!!
  11. And some lessons in simple arithmetic.

    Now, pay attention, Minge_Blood:

    2006 - 1940 = 66
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  13. The Cretans are always genuinely happy to meet Brits, particularly soldiers, who are interested in their war and war stories. They are not so fond of the German tourists (except to take their money!). There is also a museum in Herakilon to the defence of and resistance in Crete.
  14. ..... and for you gentlemen and ladies who are near the Big Smoke (London, not Glasgow), there are several really nice gentlemen residing in theStar and Garter Home in Richmond-on-Thames who love chatting about their experiences in FS during WWII.

    Actually, if you have a walk around there are quite a few ladies and gents who love chatting to 'young blood' about their time in uniform. Well worth a trip!!! :D
  15. Nancy Wake seems keen on handsome young men :D as a true FANY should