Int Corps historical deployments

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Probably one for NTTT.

    Since 1945 what major deployments have the Int Corps been deployed on?
  2. i heard there was an Int Corps rugby tour to cyprus not so long ago... does that count?
  3. No.
  4. Have you been tasked to write an article for the R&L by chance?
  5. No, I am in fact just interested.
  6. Well a good start would be to identify what major deployments the Army has been on since 1945; there is then a good chance an int puke went along for the ride!
  7. I would suggest all of them! Any Bde level (presuming that's what you mean by major) or above deployment would certainly have Corps with them. Do your own research you lazy git!
  8. Bit harsh. For instance we could all post what deployments we've all been on, Iraq recently being obvious.

    Anyone else?
  9. If you stop at Bde level you are going to miss out a number of smaller deployments, typically SLE, such as Lebanon, Rwanda, Angola. I understand that there was a concept to run a classified file in the museum where details of "yet to be downgraded" deployments could be kept.

    ( Obviously the 49 Para Int Troop ones will never see the light of day)
  10. Haven't you heard of the internet?
  11. Is that a wah?

    Tried doing various searches using a mixture of the words:

    1. Intelligence
    2. Corps
    3. British
    4. Army
    5. Deployments
    6. Since
    7. 1945
    8. Green*
    9. Slime*

    *made up search criterea

    And yet to no avail!
  12. well off the top of my head i would guess palestine, korea, suez, malaya, borneo, NI, oman, falklands, iraq a couple of times (including in the 50s before we withdrew, presumably), afghanistan, balkans x lots... rwanda, sierra leone, various other places as military observers...

    will post more if i think of them.

    G2LB, you're either a lazy tw*t or you didn't read war books whilst growing up. go and get a subscription to Victor comic. :)
  13. I'd go as far to say that I am a lazy tw@t and read The Chap instead of your "victor" comic. Victor's quite a common name, is it not?

    Thanks for the effort!
  14. believe me, it was no effort. your military knowledge sucks ass :)
  15. Just like the rest of him! :wink: