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Int Corps desktop wallpaper?

Anyone know where I can download some desktop wallpaper with the Corps cap badge? I found one on Webshots, but that has the king’s crown version.
I'm surprised E-Bay dont have it, they have everything else about the Int Corps, or failing that try Disney.com.......I do expect a deluge of hate mail for this.........but, hey........who gives a toss.
we don't hate you, dragoon. we just find you an amusing distraction. a bit like a mentally disturbed puppy or something. you are one to be humoured, given a hug and sent on your way :)

you really must be bitter, you just keep coming back again and again. what did the corps ever do to you?
It's just a hobby really.........I did some bits with them some years ago and actually, they were more inclined to stab, stitch and try to f**k up each others postings and promotions more than mine, being an E2 Op I was no threat to their little empires. Suppose I could never quite believe what a bunch of back-stabbers they were, you probaly know some of them too !
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
if you hate them so much and despised being around them so much, why do you keep coming back? are you that desperate for some sort of connection?
I am inclined to agree. Why keep coming back? Unless life is so much unhappier without us, why would someone who is so much better than us keep returning?

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