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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by VarSity, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi there,

    The Int Corps is currently my first choice (just had my interviews and waiting for a date) and I have now turned my mine to where I would like to serve.

    How much choice do you get regarding where you work?
    I would like to be based at Colchester as its local to my friends and family, and whilst I know I am not guaranteed to get exactly what I want, am I correct a preference can be given?

    If I got into the Corps and got to work at Colchester, would I be required to do P Coy and such?
  2. why oh why do you want to join the army and then serve on your doorstep? what ever happened to people joining the army to see the world...

    yes, you can express a preference. yes, you are not guaranteed to get it - depends on availability of posts etc.

    my personal opinion is this - stop being a homebird and get out to somewhere else. i don't think you do yourself any favours serving at / near your home town on your first posting. i've recently seen one sign off because he hates the idea of being in the army but not living near mummy any more (got his wish for first posting in home area).

    your friends and family will still be there, and you'll make lots of new mates. get the train / ferry / drive home when you want to see them.

    but that's just my opinion. sure it won't change your desire. best of luck wherever you end up.
  3. Perhaps there is a hot, far flung outpost of empire where there might be a mature (some might say well rounded) operator who could take a youngman (or lady-no discrimination in this Army) "in hand" and show them the ropes? No? oh well Colly it is then :D
  4. I have been at the other end of the country to my family for about three years, so if there is the opportunity to be a little closer and work with 16 AA seems good to me.
  5. I can see your point but it is a big, interesting world. Why not take the opportunity to see more of it while dressed in khaki??
  6. How? (Honest question because I would love to see some more of the world)

    If I am being honest the sort of work that would interest me most would be (sorry if there is a title I am not aware of) embassy work.
    They did mention that Int Corps people work at embassies all over the world, but there was very little details in any of the packs I have been given.
    I also assumed that this would be a role you could only pick up after a good few years in the Corps.
  7. posting opportunities certainly broaden when you get to Sgt (although there are some pretty farflung opportunities for lance jacks too, not including the obvious two). this includes most embassy posts.

    we've got people all over the world - UK, germany, cyprus, gibraltar, USA, syria, russia, brunei, china, nepal... well, you get the idea. you might also get the opportunity to exercise in places like canada, oman, australia...

    of course, iraq and / or afghanistan are pretty much guaranteed.

    oh, and don't forget wales :roll:
  8. See I was just under the impression I would go where ever the unit I am attached to goes, are there postings that you can go for right off the bat that are for all ranks?

    If so then I am definitely going to try for an Embassy job, which would be amazing!
  9. Actually, try and forget Wales :p
  10. Sigh ... my tuppence ha'penny's worth:

    1. There is no Embassy job in Colchester!
    2. If you do go to Colchester you would have a better chance than most of doing 'P' Coy.
    3. Conversely there is no requirement to do so if you were to go there.
    4. If you do get the Close Support OPINTEL Section there then yes you would probably go wherever your supported formation (i.e. 16 Air Assault Brigade) went.
    5. Sticking with that scenario you would do a 30 month tour of which 6 months of it would be spent deployed and the 6/12 months prior to that deployment being filled with a shedload of training which will probably take you all over the place. So in the 30 months you would only probably be close enough for Mummy to do your washing and ironing for 12 of them.

    My advice - if you're already thinking about being close to home before you join up then this ain't the job for you - get out there see the world, drink beer, nail chicks, fight foreigners all at duty free prices.
  11. Varsity.....

    Forget the Int Corps and join the WRVS if you want to stay near home - numpty.

    Chances are Sods/Bill Oddies law being what it is you get the opposite of what you'd like.

    You want to go to germany for instance but get sent to the penguin colony.

    Them's the breaks. Are you bright enough for Int anyway?? Your post does seem a bit naive - maybe it's just your age though.

    See the world for goodness sake!!!!
  12. Don;t want to make any accusations, but this one seems to have done his/her homework or actually managed to find an ACIO with some knowledge of the Corps. Even if it is only one side of it.
  13. No offence to the Corps intended, Ashford_O_S.

    He just seems a bit "young"? It's not varsity I'm concerned for if you get my drift.

    Is it better for the Corps to accept recruits at the usual army age of 17.5 or better (imho) to look to an older group who've been in the working world and shown an intellectual aptitude (university/interests) etc.

    Even some of the older Uni lads/lassies I've met have seemed a bit wet behind the ears for certain aspects like Humint.

  14. probably why humint is not a core skill and is a selection process later on in your career. Some people may also say that some 18-year-olds are a bit wet behind the ears to go into battle but they seem to be doing us proud. I guess we have to trust the recruiters; at Corps level not just ACIO.
  15. Actually I am 23, and the reason I considered Colchester is because I have lived the other end of the country for the last three years, and thought that if I am going to be spending 6 months away, then 18 month in the UK (minus training and such) I might as well be closer to my parents.

    Assuming that just because I want to be near where I grew up when I am in the UK means I want my mother to do my washing is a bit much.

    With regards to embassy work, is that 12 month postings? Like 12 months Embassy work followed by 12 months in the UK, or something like that?
    The embassy work has always been of interest to me, but it seems I made a wrongful assumption that I would have to put a few years in before I could go for it.

    As for seeing the world I am very well travelled as is, please don’t assume I am some 16 year old just out from my mothers shadow just because I do not know every aspect of the corps, or already have 10 years field work under my belt.