Int Corps / Bulford?

Is the incorps colocated with the outcorps?
Maybe that's why you got the call?
Are you from Newcaslte?
geordie_g said:
Does anybody know if there is much going on with the incorps at Bulford?

I only ask as I had a missed call earlier at 16.55 from a number, that if my BT spreadsheet suggests, comes from an area within a mile radius of Bulford base.

Its likely some crank trying to sell me some loan or crud, but incase it isnt, as they didnt answer when i dialled back, would someone with an intimate knowledge of numbers in that area be able to PM me?

I'll send the number and see if you recognise it?

/me ends random post of the day
Army lines are always number withheld on civvy phones. :roll:

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