Int Corps "bombing the Taliban with texts"

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Dunno why, just made me me laugh. You can just picture the Tora Bora hills in the dead of night singing with the sound of mobile phones going off.

    "Intelligence chiefs* find out the numbers of the enemy’s mobile phones then send them waves of messages to confuse them and destroy morale.

    Texts range from simple abuse such as “We know who you are, give up” or “Go home, you’ll never beat us”.**

    * wheres the Indians?
    ** are trained veterans of the Soviet era are really gonna be scared by this? Surely send "I can see you!" would be more effective? Just an idea.. .. ..

    Apologies if this has been posted before.
  2. I thought this forum had been quiet. it must be hell on your thumbs doing this all night.
    Just hope your boss doesn't learn about MSN that will make you 'up close and personal'
  3. read quite an amusing article yesterday (max hastings? anthony loyd? can't remember).

    anyway, talking about being out in the sticks with the booties and speaking to the inhabitants of a rather out-of-the-way village.

    "tell them we're British"

    blank looks

    "ok, try telling them we're American, they might understand that."

    it works.

    "American? The Russians aren't going to like that."

    17 years later and some in the backwaters aren't even aware that the Russians have left :)
  5. But have they bought the cheaper car insurence yet with that cut price on-line bank loan?
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

  7. Wouldn't "I can see you and if you look up you will see a JDAM heading toward you" be more effective?
  8. followed by "haha, made you look"? :)
  9. Sorry for intruding on your forum lads and a slight serious note here but if you've got a mobile number you can track to location for the handset so wouldn't that be more useful?
  10. Really?
  11. Really?
  12. Yep something to do with triangulating from the masts/cells it's going through and the strengths of the signal, don't get me wrong I'm no expert but I've been told you can get it down to a 300 meter radius
  13. cheers for that :)
  14. The police do it all the time for missing persons, kidnaps etc etc I've seen it on The Bill!! :winkrazz: