Int Corps Basic

VarSity said:
Chicksands, Bedfordshire I believe.

Phase 1 training (used to be called basic training) - Winchester (last I heard)

Phase 2 training (used to be called trade training) - Chicksands
LS89 said:
basic was/is in Winchester, apparently moving to Pirbright or Bassingbourn though
That's just generic training right? I assumed the OP wanted to know where he would do Int corps training?

As a note I was at Bassingbourn a couple of weeks ago, seems a nice set up but its does seem slightly in the middle of the back beyond, which is a shame as that’s where I will be going :cry:
B'bourne/born/brn/brrrrrrrrrrr... sorry got the wrong teeth in today - that's not too bad but stop giving us raspberry jam in the sandwiches!!!!

BB may have one of the few assault courses left in blighty, but Winchester has a Cathedral that's (maybe) older.....

edited for geordie spelling... :D
Pirbright, not Bassingbourne
I'm havn trouble ajusting ma teeff but I never mentioned the county of Slurrey....

Pirbright - sounds like a toothpaste!!!

"Its not son!!! Let me see your teeth."


"cos u aint smiling now sunshine nor for a looooong time!!!"

Sorry, bored, tired, - in fact beyond bored and tired, now onto "fed up to the back teeth" with "where will they send me???" kind of frame of mind/never mind the posts...

Check the rail ticket you get when you exchange the travel warrant you're given viz a viz the exorbitant fee thats's slapped onto the army's costs to ship you to your destination.

Sorry guys/gals I'm too spackered to be civil/polte :-(
I bieleve that phase one training for male applicants joining Int. corps will be taking place at Pirbright.

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