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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. On a recent course run at Chicksands, a certain member of the Corps (you know who you are) suggested that to distinguish the Corps beret from the AGC's, we have some form of backing to our capbadge. Some form of French grey/Scarlett/Cypruss Green was mentionned. He was told by the RSM that he should submit it to the Corps for consideration. So I'm doing it on his behalf.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate the AGC beret being close to ours (and have had a 'robust conversation' with more than one person who got it wrong), but is this the way forward? How else can it be achieved?
  2. did you really mean to say "backing flask"? won't that be a bit unwieldy behind a capbadge? and as flasks are often tartan, that will only give the sweaty socks something else to bang on about.

    a far simpler solution is out there, you know. simply punch anybody who mistakes you for a clerk. they soon learn (although cavalry officers are somewhat slower on the uptake than most and may require repeated remedial training) :)

    if this backing bollox ever gets implemented, i'm sure your friend can expect a Private Pile-style soap beating after lights out. we were here first, get the f*cking all girls corps to change theirs to pink. or have a typewriter backing.

    mind you, with JPA they will all be redundant and beret-less soon and we can f*ck up our own pay :)
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    maybe we should go back to dark blue berets? At current rates we would be the only regiment or corps not wearing some sexy colour within a couple of years...
  4. didn't you steal your beret colour from the Royal Marines?

    and you can forget the dark blue you wannabe REMEs :wink:
  5. Scroll down for Field Security Police

    In 1914 over 80 members of "B Squad" of the Metropolitan Police were recruited by MI 1 ( an organisation that pre-dates MI 5 and MI 6) to form a field security capability in the BEF in France. As they were all policemen by profession, the BEF transferred them all to the MPs the moment they arrived in France, this lasted about 2 years or less and they got themselves back to the Intelligence corps, where they belonged.

    Throughout that period they adopted a green cover for their forage caps to distinguish themselves from the MP movement control branch ( white caps) and the Provost ( red caps ). At an international level a green head dress is widely associated with troops with a specialist intelligence or security function.

    Whilst not being an authority on the history of the Royal Marines, it is worth remarking that the Army formed the original Commando units and the role was subsequntly passed to the Royal Marines.

    I would wager a few weeks credits, that the Royal Marines green beret arrived some decades after the original Intelligence Corps green cap cover. Some may recall that prior to arrival of the cypress green beret that the Corps side cap was the same shade of green. Thus we have maintained some continuity in our head-dress.

    You might belong to an organisation that was atrociously managed and resourced, but I can't imagine why you would want people to think you were wearing the hat of some other fish and chip organisation; when you belong to the corps that consistantly trains and deploys the best regular and reserve Military Intelligence operators of any army in the world ??
  6. i seem to recall they were founded in 1664 so it is a distinct possibility that they found it before us (although they were probably wearing ostrich feathers or something in the 17th century :))

    let's face it, they have a far longer and more distinguished history than the int corps - and indeed than almost any army regiment!
  7. my bold, Continuity? In the Corps? Surely not.

    A backing flask sounds like a bone idea. Brigade Flashes, Backing Flasks, what next? Int Corps written across the back of our CS95 football style?
  8. name tags?
  9. .The Green Beret association

    CR I am not contesting the RM's role as the Royal Navy's strong-arm thugs in it's Tudor and Elizebethan days of piracy and plunder, or it's latter role as excellent naval infantry; rather who wore what hat first ? :wink:
  10. well said CR.

    The Royal Marines originate from 28th October 1664. Although the green beret was not standardised until much later, but i do agree they have the original claim on it. You guys are close second and the AGC can just F*CK off (they stole it in the 90's), they should wear pink as stated earlier! :twisted:
  11. The Royal Marines were given the commando role in 1942, at the same time as the army commando units were formed. They all wore a dark green beret, and when the army commandos were disbanded in 1946, the Royal Marines retained commando role and the beret.

    As for cypress green, that colour was worn on the collar tabs of staff officers carrying out intelligence duties during the First World War, to distinguish them from other types of staff officer. At that time, all staff officers wore coloured collar tabs whatever their rank, not just colonels and above.

    The Royal Marines have been around a lot longer than the Intelligence Corps, but cypress green has been associated with intelligence duties for longer than dark green has been associated with commandos. Anyway, I don’t think anyone would confuse cypress green with commando dark green.

    I agree with CR – the Int Corps has been around longer than the All Girls Corps, so they should be the ones to change. The pink flash sounds good, or maybe a completely pink beret.
  12. At no stage have I contested the issue of the origin of either corps, neither did you until just now! Your original point and my point is about green headdress: 1914 vs 1945 ?? you have not done EPC mil calcs yet have you mucker?

    Lets not forget that the original marine infantry come out of the south west and from the Army, it's either the Devons or DCLI. The curator of the DCLI museum in Bodmin has all the detail.
  13. You can tell Int Corps soldiers already, just turn them around and look for the dagger between the shoulder blades.

    On a serious note, Rose and Pose - I think you are getting a bit carried away and xenophobic. The Corps are the top 95% of the Army. Chill out and dont believe your own hype.
  14. even so, as with all Regts and Corps youve got a lot of tossers.

    Chill, a hat is a hat, could be worse you could have an AGC capbadge!!
  15. duck filbert, sarcasm flying over your head :)