Int Corps AT Instructors wanted desperately!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by baldy_breeder, May 26, 2006.

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  1. My unit needs:

    1 x Kayaking Instructor.

    1 x Rock Climbing Instructor.

    for AT in the summer. My unit will pay for your travel costs. PM me for details.
  2. feck! have PEOPLE do go AT??? Why aren't they deployed like everyone else???

    Two more quick questions;

    Where are you going?
    Can I come?

    I do not have the above quals, but I can drink lots!!
  3. Nope we don't but we are trying desperately to get some in simply because no-one ever does get any in! Between Herrick, Telic 8,9 etc. We may only end up with 20 bodies (I'm being optimistic), but as no-one has been able to go away and get qualified since Bosnia kicked off..... we obviously need some instructors.

    Oh, we're off to Southern Germany btw. Hopefully. If anyone volunteers. Please.
  4. Just a quick one. As you are going to S.Germany the mountains around there are classed as ALPS. Therefore anybody with an ALPINE CRAG LEADER's qual will also suffice!

    I'm full of useless shite!
  5. Brilliant, thanks for the info! Anyone got one? :?
  6. i thought this was going to be about Anti-Terrorist instructors :)