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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by hasher, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    am enquiring about how to contact the current Int Corps Assn Secretary, as I'm hoping to renew contact with a former colleague. Could anyone help with contact details of the 'Hon Sec'?

    Many thanks.
  2. Have you tried chicksands?
  3. This is the address for the ICA. No telephone or e-mail that I can see but I'd expect they'd prefer requests in writing anyway...

    The Corps Secretary
    Intelligence Corps Association
    Headquarters Directorate Intelligence Corps
    SG17 5PR
  4. How come you didn't know about Chicksands?

    Does this former colleague owe you money?

  5. Hi, I need some advice about a former WO1 of yours who I think is in a world of hurt and pain. He has so far given his Name rank and number on a open forum (Saga) he os live at this moment. I have been on contact with him via pm to endex his thread to no avail, he has according to his pm beeen having a bad time. At first I thought he was a walt but he seems genuine enough. He needs some help, can anyone point me in the right direction to get this guy some help
  6. Can you give a link to that site please.
  7. You mean these details? *************************************
  8. Thats the guy, he sent me a pm and seemed like he was in a lot of mental anguish, is he kosher?
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  9. My service overlaps his at both ends but I've never heard of him.

    Mind you, I'd bet that 99.9% of the folks here have never heard of me, either.

  10. Going from 'briefing Thatcher' and 'catching spies' to oversharing on a web forum where piss-stained geriatrics are discussing the rights and wrongs of allowing sodomites to share a bed in a B&B is sad - very, very sad.
  11. The mods are deleting his military details but have missed a few
    i was quite concerned when I read his pm,he seems to have a lot of maybe mental problems
  12. A bit OTT mate, I saw a fellow soldier, one of yours in need.
  13. I'm puzzled by what you find offensive - I've said I find his apparent decline sad.
  14. The reference to piss stained geriatrics, myself and a serving police officer on that forum were concerned about this man and neither are. Anyway end of story I hope one of you can help this guy out if he is one of yours