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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by lu86, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    Im hoping i can get some decent advice...i have my first interview coming up this week on thursday for the INT CORP, i have been revising the job brief the AFCO sergeant gave me and searching online for info but i still dont know what to expect, ie; examples of the questions i may be asked...

    any help is greatly appreciated! Lu :D
  2. A little bit of basic research wouldn't have hurt you; look at the top of the Int Corps forum first, you'll find the topics give you all the Info you need (and will get).
  3. Of course, you realise that by posting here, your "interview" has already started....

    [See that car "parked" down the street...? Well, it wasn't there a couple of hours ago right? etc...]
  4. ...and by the way it's Int Corps.
  5. I did notice... Just wanted to see how long before somebody jumped in there with that!


  6. Don't forget the lube newbie. And remember that security is not a dirty word... waits for obligatory responses...
  7. Just be yourself, the interviewer is trying to see if "you" are suitable not the part you're acting. Just be polite and bear in mind that the interviewer is used to interviewing nervous applicants. Ask him the things you want to know not the things you think he expects you to ask. If you do that and he thinks that you're looking at the wrong option he can advise yuo whereas if he can't find the real you he won't be able to advise you properly. Good luck.

    edited fro carp typos.
  8. Bottom you want to do the job? If you do (and there is enough in the recruiting literature to give you an idea) then say so.

    Me? Been doing it for yonks and it rocks - but it is my thing.
  9. yes damn right i want the job! well i've got my selection date 11th oct now so all i can do is revise and train my ass off!

  10. How not to get selected.....

    1. Whats the pay and promotion like ?
    2. How fit are the women in the Corps ?
    3. How quickly can I get into undercover work ?
    4. Do you monitor ARRSE ?
    5. Can I get alot of time off for sport ?
    6. How does the Corps view 'binge drinking' ?

    Questions that may impress?

    Well if we give you that then its all too easy isn't it !!!!! :)
  11. can anybody remember wot that pub was called up the road in ashford.

    i did int selection in 91. there were three of us me a jock and a mick. il never forget going to the pub at night. the landlord was a cockney ******.

    i will always remember cos the jock and mick were jamming table knives in the pool table coin slot to get free games.

    we all did the MLAT a test in fuckin kurdish. as a result all 3 of us failed but we were offered op int and sec or OP(SI) instead of interpreter

    ah well

    never mind

    loads of interviews with old farts but not one bit of fizz (hooray!!)
  12. Never went in there myself, always some suspicious long-haired irishman propping up the bar.

    We photographers preferred driving out to the Wheel at Wellow for a few pints.
  13. Are you sure those questions will result in non-selection?
  14. Yet some complete and utter social retards still get through! I'm in a bad mood, must be that shit JNCO in my Sect.......................