Int Corp medal for sale - GSM Northern Ireland


@dlrg - as you well know, MYB doesn't reflect other aspects of the individual medal: was he/she a casualty? the named unit? Rank? supporting paperwork?

And-more importantly, probably-who is in the room/online on the day. I've seen a fairly standard Gulf 1991 with clasp go for North of £1000: turns out it was two family members bidding against each other. The Red Mist descended and away they went . . .

You're asbsolutely right FourZero. There can be innumerable factors involved. In all fairness to MYB, they do only claim to be a guide.
Well, it went for £560. Add to that the buyer's premium and VAT..? Comedy gold.
Or the other way around in my case.
This is a small village several miles outside 'Derry, where we lived on an old WW2 airbase in Nissan huts at the end of the runway.
Hmmm... RAF Limavady closed in 1958. Ballykelly where the Muppet Det hung out didn’t have any Nissen huts. Poor recognition skills for a guy who can identify a Russian by his nuts.
Correct, lots of wriggly tin but no nissen huts, Shackleton Bks. I was the muppet's spanner around then, the bolton wanderers were there at the time.


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I have numerous searches out for my own gongs, sword etc etc but little has come up 5 years on....
The owner of the medal was at one time a member of the Met's 'Doors Porches and Gates' DPG. He left the Met and moved to the South West in 2002 having transferred to Devon and Cornwall Police.

Not long after his move he got his vehicle stuck in soft sand, buggered up the moving parts and had to commandeer a horse to continue his police duties.

Surely he's a member of ARRSE.


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Might have been the poteen that affected chummy's eyesight. He must have so impressed his DS with his Soviet AFV recognition skills that they risked deploying him in the appropriate theatre.
What?? I was served a glass of it whilst manning the Ops Desk in McRory Park..... and then I wasn't.

Feckin strong stuff.

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