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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Capt_Crash, Jan 17, 2002.

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  1. Not Int Corp myself but did some time with the Slime in NI.  I am amazed that the leaders in Mil Int haven't posted on this site.

    I guess your all packing your bags for 'a secret base in the Middle East.'
  2. A more plausible explanation for the lack of traffic from the steely eyed dealers of death who inhabit the world of MI is that they have disabled their own internet connections as this represents a security threat.
  3. They're behind you!!!
  4. Nah...  Still trying to work pout how to assemble the PC...
  5. My dear chap, one has staff from other organisations to perform mundane tasks.
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  6. Don't tell me...  Worried about breaking a fingernail, messing up the perm or too busy filling in 1771's?

    Eat the apple, leave the Corps!

    BTW, do I detect the presence of a former "Combat Chinagraph Operator"?
  7. The "Leaders" wouldn't have a clue.  The "Minions" are usually the more tactically-aware members of the Slime.  After all, they are the ones who are the gatherers and sifters.  After doing that for a while, it doesn't take too much to start putting together the jigsaw...

    (Ducking for cover)
  8. Some of the indicators appear to be present, don't they?
  9. Nice one Petriburg, managing to get Tactically Aware and Green Slime into the same sentence, without laughing!! A stroke of genuis!! You will go far in this mans Army ( Provided of cours you are not CDS already) ;D
  10. Are you lot cleared for this site?  ::)
  11. If you have to ask....
  12. If intellegence is the food of action, you people starve me! I can not believe a Civi organisation would allow such a large oufit of people whos job description is ' Self Licking Lolly Pop!'
  13. I think you'll find that the correct spelling of those difficult words is:


    Hope this helps!
  14. Never mind all this crap.. I'm off to polish a few details on my Practical Exercise Not Involving Soldiers..

    Now what was that acronym..?  :-/