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Need some help. About 8 years ago did RSC and selection for the Int Corp aged 21. Started at ATR Winchester but left shortgly after. Basically it was just over a year after my dad committed suicide and as soon as i started wanted to be somewhere else. My corporals etc were great but the officer in charge of my troop wouldnt let me leave. I said how that i was depressed as i was after my dad died and at that time a couple of times when pissed i cut my arm. Nothing major in fact i dont think the officer there believed me. Some how my warrant officer got me in front of the CO at Winchester who let me leave as DAOS? i am pretty sure with the proviso that i could rejoin after a year. Basically 8 years later joining the armed forces is still something i am interested in as it is all i have ever wanted to do and wondered if i would be able to join the TA with this history, particularly 4 Para/HAC or esp Int Corp or any unit if need be. Can anyone help especially anyone actually involed with a TA unit and recruit selection?
Go along to your local unit and ask them. Be honest and they will do their best to get you back in.

Shouldn't really be a problem .With HAC and 4 Para think fitness would
be the key to getting in rather than sanity :D .
TA is full of guys who did a bit regular recruit training and then quit for whatever reason unless discharged under a cloud shouldn't really be a hinderance .And even then exceptions have been made.
Echoing the msr's advice,
Get on the phone to the recruiting chaps at the units you are looking at and ask to pop along for a training night to have a look.
They are generally very friendly and will do their best to help you join up as long as you are 110% honest with them, they will have had heard alot of it before.


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