Int and Sy Group (TA) late 1980's

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by intrepid861, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi

    I am doing enquires about combat support units in the final stage of the Cold war. I currently investigating the orbat and each company's roles for the TA Intelligence Corps. Which is as follows:

    Int Corps (TA)

    Int & Sy Grp (V)
    20 Sy Coy (V) (Comm Z: Dutch and Belgian Ports)
    21 Int Coy (V) (Imagery analysis?)
    22 Int Coy (V) (Russian languages?)
    23 Sy Coy (V) (Comm Z: Dutch and Belgian Ports)
    24 Int Coy (V) (HQ BAOR)

    29 Int & Sy Coy (V) (HQ UKLF)

    All this information from was gained from Forearmed: A History of the Intelligence Corps, by Anthony Clayton.
    So my questions are

    1) Is this orbat and each unit's wartime role complete?

    2) Where were most of the units (and any detachments) based in peace time?

    3) Regarding 29 Coy, how would it have operated? Would it have moved complete as one unit to UKLF HQ in Wilton or would it have set detachments to individual Brigades/Defence regions?

    Thank you very much if you are able to assist. Apologies Mod's, if this in the wrong place.
  2. Have you thought of contacting the Corps museum?
  4. 23 Security Company were based in Edinburgh and Belfast and indeed provided support to the British Communication Zone (Comm Z) which was centred on Emblem in Belgium with the permanent Regular Intelligence Corps Security Section, 41 Sy Sect (later downgraded to a Det- mainly because our maximum strength was three - WO2, Sgt and Cpl). As I recall they had five Port Security Sections covering the ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ostend, Rotterdam and Gent (Ghent) with a secondary role of Rear Area security.

    20 Security Company, which was based at St Johns Wood in London, I believe supported 4 Security Company in Rhine Centre, Dusseldorf and its Sections (42 in Dusseldorf, 43 in Muenster, 44 in Dortmund and 45 in Rheindahlen).

    22 Int Coy was roled as an Interrogation Company in support of 1 (BR) Corps and had a number of language specialities, not just Russian.
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  9. Many thanks to all those who replied. Great information here.

    I have several of these, and they do not go into much detail regarding the support arms. but thank you for your excellent reply.

    Thank you also HIGHLANDER_SPY.

    I thought I would contact here first in the off chance someone could give a quick reply. Apologies if i have annoyed. I'll spare arrse my thread asking for the truth about Captain Blackadder of the Blankshire's at the Battle of Mboto Gorge.:mrgreen:
  10. Although I am but a young whippersnapper and have no idea, the advice to contact the museum is gleaming.

    The curator, Sally Ann, and her devil-may-care team are phenomenal. I had the opportunity, pleasure and privilege of lending a helping hand earlier this year for a few weeks, and I gained more from it than I could ever have imagined.
    The Corps historians are exactly that, and do it all for the love of doing so. Even the old boy from across the pond ;)

    Seriously, if you want your facts checked 100% then give them a shout. They're even very keen to organise weekend visits for anybody who wishes to see them. I put my reputation (as tattered as it is) on it, it'll be well worth it.