Insurrection in Modern Times

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jonwilly, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. Gents has there ever been an insurrection in Modern Times that has not had a Friendly base, outside the nations border ?

    The only one I can think of is Cuba late 50's.

  2. Depends how far back you class as modern. The Anglo-Irish War/War of Independence/Tan War didn't have a friendly base as such apart from importing foreign arms I believe.
  3. Fair Comment, but I was meaning more recently, my fault.

  4. Does turning the best part of Palestine into Israel count?

    I bet there were a few revolutions in S America where the jungle and mountains served as a friendly zone but was still within national boundaries.

    And these 'Arab Spring' boys are having a good go without having a seperate country to hide in and operate from (apart from legging it to Italy of course).

    In fact, what about the Russian revolution? I know the main instigators spent much time in Western Europe plotting it up, but once it got going it stayed within bounds.

    Or, going back a bit, the French Revolution?

    I bet it felt like an insurgency when the Luddites were on the rampage oop North as well.

    Depends what you mean by insurgency, I suppose.
  5. Tamil Tigers?
  6. Think the Tigers got much help from the Tamil community in South India.

  7. The Kerens in Burma? I don't think they get any help from anyone.
  8. Nice one T4.
    Er the border is notoriously porous.
    Depending on who's doing what 'Deals' with who, I will suggest determines just what is allowed to flow in either direction.
    All very high level 'Politics'.
    Burma now has gas, which is exported through and to Thighland.
    Now I will suggest border is tight and much will depend on coming Thai Election.

  9. It depends on whether you mean an organised logistic support structure provided by a neighbouring state or more informal ties. Traditionally, border peoples involved in insurgencies call on clan ties straddling borders without the other host nation necessarily being involved. The Karen and the Uighurs certainly do, the Hmong used to (not sure what they get up to now).
  10. Yes, as with the Pathan in Ganistan/Pakistan tribes do straddle the area accepted as the border drawn on the Map.
    In this case I will suggest that it's higher then ground level, much higher.
    Gas/oil is big bucks.
    I tried accessing The Irrawaddy magazine but they have tightened up on access, sensitive time now, Thai elections due in next few weeks and BBC has big feature to day on the Succession of Head of State.
    BBC News - US 'worried over Thai succession'

  11. How about the outside base in the form of a non-state actor? I'm sure the various East India Companies would qualify and modern multinationals have never been shy about stirring up cross-border trouble.
  12. I started off by wondering if the latest Riots in Ireland would kick off full time.
    I was wondering can any modern insurrection succeed without an external base for it's troops/supplies.
    Cuba was the only one I could think of.

  13. There are a couple of minor self-contained ones rumbling along in India. That's all I can remember. Certainly nothing springs to mind that threatens a state's authority.
  14. Assam is one.
    Asia Times is a good source of information.

  15. Not sure if its too far back, but the Bolsheviks in 1918? Weren't the KPP in Turkey pretty much on their own until the 2003 invasion established a friendly regime in Northern Iraq?