Insurgents Have No Chance, CENTCOM Chief Says

Quite right too ... Insurgents that have a chance will be redefined as "local militias" and told to keep the place quiet while we pull out.
They wont lose to the Viet Cong either ….No hang on a sec they did ok them pesky Somalian’s have no chance what’s that lost that one two ok then our special forces will make mince meat of the Iranians or crash on route what ever is easiest dammit there must be a country out there they could beat
Answer me this: why, in a HQ many miles from the fighting, surrounded by razorwire, MPs, ravenous guard dogs and so on do spam generals give briefings wearing shoulder holsters with big fcuk-of handguns in them? Why not go all the way and wear cam paint and some foliage on your hat?

You'd have thought that some staff officer would have been decent enough to say "Boss, you look like a tw@t."


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