Insurgent doctor killed dozens of wounded soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. The Independant
    By Patrick Cockburn in Kirkuk
    Published: 23 March 2006
    When policemen, soldiers and officials in Kirkuk who were injured in insurgent attacks arrived in the emergency room of the hospital, they hoped their chances of surviving had gone up as doctors tended their wounds.

    In fact, many of the wounded were almost certain to die because one of the doctors at the Republic Hospital was a member of an insurgent cell. Pretending to treat the injured men, he killed 43 of them by secretly administering lethal injections, a police inquiry has revealed.

    "He was called Dr Louay and when the terrorists had failed to kill a policeman or a soldier he would finish them off," Colonel Yadgar Shukir Abdullah Jaff, a senior Kirkuk police chief, told The Independent. "He gave them a high dosage of a medicine which increased their bleeding so they died from loss of blood."

    Dr Louay carried out his murder campaign over an eight to nine-month period, say police. He appeared to be a hard working assistant doctor who selflessly made himself available for work in any part of the hospital, which is the largest in Kirkuk.

    He was particularly willing to assist in the emergency room. With 272 soldiers, policemen and civilians killed and 1,220 injured in insurgent attacks in Kirkuk in 2005, the doctors were rushed off their feet and glad of any help they could get. Nobody noticed how many patients were dying soon after being tended by their enthusiastic young colleague.

    Dr Louay was finally arrested only after the leader of the cell to which he belonged, named Malla Yassin, was captured and confessed. "I was really shocked that a doctor and an educated men should do such a thing," said Col Jaff.

    Hope he rots im Hell
  2. Give him a taste of his own medicine :D
  3. He was obviously committed to the Hippocratic Oath. :roll:
  4. Somebody such as me with a horribly warped sense of humour could make much of this but I won't. It's just disgusting and shows to what depths people will sink in the name of a cause.
  5. High moral standards shown by the iraqi insurgents again in their glorious battle against the evil riot-controlling British Troops, no wait theyre too busy blowing up civilians to be going up against British Troops. Still havent seen this on the BBC news website though...
  6. I like that, I really do!
    It's just disgusting and shows to what depths people will sink to in the name of a cause!

    Ever thought of including Bush and Phoney Tony in that?


    Forgot the question-mark - mi dispiace!
  7. Wonder how many times he fell down the stairs on the way to the cells.
  8. Hmm.. Hippocratic Oath vs Ideology. Interesting decision. Depends on if he's declared an oath to his ideology, I guess. Do doctors outside the West even take the Hippocratic?

  9. I have no idea - I just labour under naive assumptions such as that doctors should be good people! Then again, there was Mengele, to name but one other evil bastard...
  10. Shipton did the same but without the ideology?
  11. Arold Shipton, My elderly mother was most upset by his murders and said 'How could this have happened ?'
    John in zero brain engaed mode said "Mam old folks die, a doctor visiting and then a death is nothing out of ordinary"
    If looks could kill.
  12. How about when he recieves his death sentence they harvest his organs for much needed transplants? That would be some sort of poetic justice :)

  13. Why does he have to die before the harvest ?
  14. [Devil's advocate hat on]

    Guys, whils this if true appears to be a most horrific act by a callous and inhumane individual, lets take it in context. The guy has only been accused of this by Col Jaffa after he was named under torture by the leader of the local insurgents group. Remeber that in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, tribal leaders or men of power tend to accuse each other (or civilians) of outrageous crimes without any proof.

    [Devil's advocate hat off]

    I will take it with a pinch of salt until he's found guilty in a court of law.