This week I have been going through the ARB and TCC. Whilst going through the background on the situation followed by briefings on insurgency and counter insurgency I got thinking about things in my head.

UK doctrine defines insurgency as "an organised, violent subversion used to affect or prevent political control, as a challenge to established authority".

Going on this path and taking into consideration that the Afghan nationals considered the Taliban to be the leaders of the country, does this not make us, the coalition, the insurgents in this country? In a similar vein, the same could be said of our involvement in Iraq.

We could also be said to be aiding an insurgency in Libya as we are helping the rebels overthrow the established leadership.

I am not saying that I do not agree with what we are doing/have done in these countries, just putting a point forward for discussion and see what other peoples thoughts on this matter are.
You managed to stay awake during the ARB? Ours (a couple of weeks ago) was diabolical.

In Libya we are not aiding the rebels, but protecting civilians. well that's the excuse for being there of course. It just happens to look almost exactly like we are helping the rebels.

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