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Insurers Scrap Life Cover for Gulf War Troops


War Hero
This is absolutely scandalous and the government must bring in legislation to stop this - quickly.

A fine tribute to those who risk life and limb for the nation.  :(
Worry not, am currently negotiating with a large international life company for a discounted premium for life cover upto £500,000 for troops deployed on ops worldwide

Watch this space


War Hero
Excellent news though my point remains - the government needs to step in here as it hardly gives one confidence.

I wonder what else will be taken from us as we go to war ?  ???
E-mail yesterday from two large Life companies, product should be available by Wednesday,

Will cover NI, Gulf, UN & NATO ops, Fire cover etc

Will post PM Wednesday with details and policy prices
You've prompted me to have a look at my policy, with a company who use a black horse (that's a black horse!) in their adverts.  

Maybe I didn't make myself clear to them when I took the policy out, when I told them that my occupation was 'soldier', as I've just noticed that I am not covered for anything caused by war or terrorists!..........(since taking out the policy a few years back, I've been in Armagh, Belfast and Afganistan!)

It's probably my own fault, maybe I spelt soldier wrong to the rep who visited me and it came out as 'civvy',  so I'm off to look for another insuarance company who have no employees who suffer from  impaired hearing or from 'f*c you syndrome....I'm on commission here'

Anybody got any suggestions? (as to squaddie freindly insurance companies that is!)


War Hero
Mighty D - thank you.  I am sure others are keen to see the firms concerned as well.

Ma_S - I gather that there was some bumph that came around the bazaars from Upavon some time ago warning us all about this. I have to say I did not read about this either.

Your admin office should have names of companies who can help you or wait for Mighty D's posting here.

To everyone else - it is worth checking your policy because if there is a loop hole, the company will avoid paying out if they possibly can.  :mad:
It is my plan to put out the policy through my company and give the lads who take it some form of kick back, I think the forces generally get treated shabbily and its about time a policy was put together to cover troops especially when on ops.

When I get a copy of the terms and conditions it is my intention to highlight the areas of cover and non cover, Nobody should be in any doubt that thier loved ones will be looked after in the event of death or serious injury when fighting overseas.

I have requested that policy be created to suit the roles performed by the modern armed forces and that cover must cover you worldwide. Not only for war and other ops but on the ski slopes when on snow queen or kayaking around the saskatchewan on R&R

Wait out, will post further as I get the details.......

If anyone is deploying in the next few days, please PM me, there is a product on the market that will cover you immediatly but it isn't cheap. If not wait till wednesday and don't die yet
What's the latest MDN, getting enquiries from my bods now, especially after last night :(
Spoken to the companies today, delayed 24 hrs due to them requiring a 24 month lock in period, basically to make it worth thierwhile. At first glances it appears that the average policy offers between £75k-£100k death benefit, including critical illness and accident cover. this will begin at around £27-40 pm depending on age and wether a smoker or not.

Have posed a series of questions regarding the extent of the cover and require firm confirmation before the product is available.

Very inexpensive way of ensuring loved ones etc are looked after should you get fragged by a spam!

By rights a decent policy should be part of everyones fighting order, peice of mind is priceless.

Wait out until PM tomorrow when I will post more info on where the policy is available from.


Spoke to NAAFI finance (details from the NAAFI web site).  They searched around and have found me a policy for about £16/month for £100,000 and critical illness (though they won't pay for critical illness if due to war or civil disturbance)

As soon as your unit or you get information that you are being sent they won't offer you a policy.

Happy Days
I think the gist of the poicy MDN is sorting at the moment, is that this is a policy, that WILL cover you in wartime. However, the higher premiums reflect this.

Anyway, it's worth the money being asked , just in case the worst should happen. Wouldn't want to think the Missus wouldn't be taken care of etc. Especially as she's fond of shopping :)
I am expecting the first batch of policies imminently ie today, i will then copy them on the a site for everybody to view

Apologies for the delay

Policy now in my grubby mits

Will read through and raise a couple of points with the provider early AM tomorrow, will then post a link with the details of the policy and the availibility.

If you are deploying in the next 48 hrs or so, no problem, efforts will be made to ensure that everyone wanting cover will get it, even if I have to visit the region myself!

There is no payment up front however the company insist on a two year tie in period, which I believe is fair and also necassary considering the world climate at the moment.

Will post again in the early hours or after speaking with the Ins Company in the Morning

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