looking at a tour later this year, also looking at life insurance and kit insurance.

any good advice would be very helpful!
Whichever company you choose, ensure you do a massive kit insurance job when you get back. Then cancel it.
Legs said:
PAX is the 'Forces Favourite'
PAX is also a major rip off when trying to make a claim.

Make sure you read the fine print and I mean REALLY READ the fine print. You buy insurance, think your covered and when you get injured they won't pay out due to xyz clause.

Not that I've had bitter experience of said insurance! :x
Check any Life Insurance smallprint very carefully. Most have a clause ,clause 7 I think that wont pay out if you are , heaven forbid, slotted or VSI on tour.
My buddy who is a proffessional financial Advisor searched high and low to get me covered and only found one company(Apart from PAX ) who would cover me.
The company was called Pegasus IIRC, can check and get back to you if you wish.
However, tell the company that you are likely to go on a tour and ask about the above mentioned clause.
Good Luck
i heard that chillwell might be a good time to sort it all out?

but im also guessing that there'll be a rather large premium as a result!
Kit insurance we were offered in Chilwell was a scam. £69.99 with £3,000 of kit insured, but with an excess of £150 and laptops are not covered. I doubt they've ever ******* paid out.

Given 20 mins to look at the brochure and then told that she wanted the forms in by the end of her presentation with credit card number.

Sharp practise the robbing cnuts.
There are many providers of PA insurance specially designed for the armed forces. A list of providers can be found at SIIAP

Abacus Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Member of SIIAP.
There are plenty of good plans out there and you may wish to take the time to compare a few.

If you are TA you may wish to look at RPAX rather than PAX as it is designed for the volunteer reserves and priced accordingly but a list of providers of similar products can be picked up at:

personal accident and life -

For kit try:

and don't forget to check out the site's sponsors - FF, who have links at the top of the page.

Starting early may give you a broader choice on Personal Accident and Life plans, as some are restricted once you know that you are off somewhere exciting.

Best wishes,

Legs said:
PAX is the 'Forces Favourite'
and sign up for the dependants trust thingy where if you get slotted, your missus/mister gets £10k straight away so she/he doesn't have to wait for insurances to pay out.
paywog said:
The13thDukeOfWybourne said:
Whichever company you choose, ensure you do a massive kit insurance job when you get back. Then cancel it.
Excellent plan - let's keep those premiums as high as possible!!

Like you've never done it.

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