Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by dougl67, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am the soldier who was featured on your “So you think your insured” Tonight programme, who was turned down by Scottish Widows for not meeting their description of what a permanent disability is.

    Although I am 70% permanently disabled and have been for over 6 years and meet at least 3 of their 5 criteria, I do not meet their "wording" of what a disability is!

    Has anybody else had a problem with Insurance, not only disability insurance but any type of insurance because you were in the Military or because you didn’t meet the insurers descriptions etc.

    I'd like to know, as I am trying to organise/arranging to do something about it.

    Pass the message on to anyone you might know who has also had a problem.

    PM Me or send a mail to

  2. How about putting this in finance? Apart from being a more appropriate place and likely to get a more informed response, it's not exactly Current Affairs.
  3. You have a point. I do think its a bit of both though but thanks for the advice
  4. Had some good hits through the website, its seems there could be a wide spread problem.

    Those who are visiting through the website, keep the momentum up.

  5. Just got another contact come through about insurance through the website.

    Keep up spreading the word

  6. Had 3 more waiting for me when I got home, starting to see a small picture here