Insurance scammers meet Mr Predator at home...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by plunderer, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Just when you are having a pretty miserable day, along comes some little bit of news that just lights up the whole place from horizon to horizon.

    Seems that a couple of our ethnically-diverse fellow citizens, participants in that genteel pastime of ramming you up the hood at the traffic lights to claim off YOUR insurance, briefly met the products of Raytheon and General Dynamics whilst at home in Pakistan...

    Please read and cheer yourselves up -

    Cash-For-Crash Suspects Killed In Drone Strike | UK Police News - Police Oracle

    To tell the truth I nearly fell off my perch laffin'. It really couldn't have have to a couple of nicer blokes.

    tac, still chuckling ten hours later....
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  3. I was an Insurance Fraud Investigator for 5 years. (2002- 2007) I worked the M4 corridor and West London, for one of the biggest Investigation Companies in the UK.

    I handled 4 jobs a day, 6 days a week and can honestly say that the Police had no interest what-so-ever.

    The lads who carried out these 'slam ons' were being well paid by their masters, who owned the Management Companies, the Recovery vehicles and the storage warehouses.

    The money they were making was phenomenal, and all fraudulently. We had names, addresses, vehicle details, handwriting samples, phone records, surveillance footage of deliberate crashes, victim witness statements and independent eye witness accounts.

    Myself and the other 11 bods I worked with, were all ex coppers who still maintained some contact with their old forces. Were those forces interested? Were they bollox.

    Their lack of interest was shameful then, and doesn't appear to be much better now.

    Although it was a fascinating well paid job, and we were more than happy to pass on our intel to the might of HM Constabulary, who wouldn't have even had to leave the comfort of the office in order to put an arrest plan together, it was all so frustrating.

    So two alleged fraudsters are now in a million bits, woo hoo, there are hundreds and hundreds more of them in the UK alone.

    I must add for sake of balance, that the Insurance Companies must also take a share of the blame. None of them were keen to put anyone in a Court of Law, preferring to shell out millions on the QT, purely because they didn't want to appear under the spotlight and risk being seen as the bad guys. What a fecking load of tosh.
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  4. Have we paid their families compo yet?
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  5. What, didn't they have any insurance? Can they claim against the driver of the Predator?
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  6. Live by the slam on. Die by the slam on.
  7. Slightly OT, I posted this last week on another forum -

    A friend of mine in TX, and Oklahoman, BTW, had a scrotemobile pick-up deliberately reverse into his Corvette at traffic lights last spring. The driver and his pal instantly leaped out of the cab - one armed with a handy tire lever - and moved round to his door intent on pulling him out and perhaps doing him some harm.

    Until Rick actually DID get out.

    Rick is seven feet and two inches tall, and built like the Wrath of Khan. He picked up the first scrote by the head, and hit the other one to the tarmac with the flailing body, and proceded to advise them of their rights while chaining them both together and throwing them up and over the into back of their truck. He then sat and waited for the other boys in blue to turn up.

    Both of these gentlemen had outstanding warrants in no less than five states for similar behaviour, but on this occasion certainly picked the wrong guy.

    Makes you feel good, eh?

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  8. Reversing into vehicles isn't the standard ploy used by the scroates in the UK who are involved in Insurance Fraud. Your sketch seems more like an attempted robbery, which (laugh) didn't go quite as planned.

    I could waffle on for pages, about the tactics used by slammers, how to spot them in advance, (believe it or not, some of them advertise themselves on the road) who to send your photographs of their index plates to, who are most vulnerable to being targeted (and you are, it's not random) and where the countries hot spots are.

    What actions to take if involved in the most minor of collisions, and often there is no contact at all, just an allegation. (But you should see the state of their vehicle the next day) Why you should ALWAYS carry some sort of camera in your vehicle, and what to photograph, as it's not all about the damage.

    If anyone's interested I'll write up an extensive guide list.
  9. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Please do, I have a spooky feeling that I live in one of the scamming hotspots.
  10. Yes please Arters.
  11. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't suppose Bradford would be a hot spot, would it?
  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Well I live in Birmingham and they both begin with a 'B' so I think the answer is yes.

    Please don't prosecute me for an implied 'ism' Mr Stasi PC man.
  13. Hot spot?

    Jeez, you're in the thick of it there.

    And believed by some to be the 'birthplace' of deliberate collisions. Gen.
  14. And as a teaser the other places, no particular order, are:

    Birmingham, Manchester, Luton, West London and believe it or not...Norwich has now joined in.
  15. Thirded. Please do.