Insurance for older b’stewards

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by No.9, May 14, 2010.

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  1. If, like me, you wouldn’t mind being 50 (again :D ) there’s a lot of offers out there for 50+ drivers. Decided to do a sweep this year and found unbelievable differences – for essentially the same – varying by over £700 sobs :omg:

    Top of the pile appeared to be Saga. Surprised me as I’ve usually found them pricey in just about anything they do. But, found their site evil as no sooner than you take a moment to click a linky and read details, they ‘time you out for security’???? You’re given the option to phone, but then how can you get the ‘on-line’ discount?

    I will probably follow through with them, but, as I had to wrestle other discrepancies with them, wonder what experiences others have had?


    ps. if anyone is considering them, PM me for tips on my experiences – saved me @ £35 notes ;)
  2. When I turned 50 I asked them "how much for a Kawasaki Ninja?" and they were incredulous that OB's actually ride stuff like that. I bet their cruises are good though; Zulu Warrior on the Captain's table anyone?
  3. My mate Clive got pulled for speeding and the copper said "F**k me grandad your a bit old for this kind of thing" Clive was most put out as he's only 72. I get a great deal from SAGA on my car and camper. Mind you the way my eye sight is at presant I might not need insurance much longer
  4. That sound's more like Saga, however, they seem to have come up trumps for my 'untypical' quantity of ponies? No it's not a Fiesta or a Polo ;)