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Insurance for moving to BFG



I am off to BFG soon and have been sent an astronomical quote for insurance cover of household stuff in transit. As an example, for £20,000 of cover I need to pay a premuim of £540 through a company called Centor.

Are there any companies that do this cheaper or are more squaddie friendly? At this rate I wil spend all of my disturbance allowance on boring sh1te like insurance and new headlights. I had planned to spend it on cheap lager.

Can anybody give me any top tips ref insurance?

Mr Logic
Buying a policy just for the move will probably prove uneconomical. Ask your contents insurer for a quote to cover the move - most will only cover moves within UK without special arrangements. Alternatively, NAAFI's contents insurance will cover goods in transit overseas and isn't too expensive. As always, shop around as prices will depend on the individual circumstances.


Thanks for the reply but we found NAAFI to be just as bad. At the moment we pay about £300pa. NAAFI quoted Mrs Logic the euro equivalent of £1,163 for insurance in BFG. Not surprisingly we will be getting German insurance far cheaper that that once we are sausage side. I will be looking around for cheaper quotes for the move from the likes of Hogg Roinson if they are stil in that sort of business.
Try TF Insurance for Household and contents including 'in transit'. Most policys will require that the goods are proffessionally packed - the best excuse to sit on yr arse and allow the movers to pack the bloody lot. Pack it yourself and they will mark it PBO (Packed by Owner) and should any damage occur in transit they are not liable.
Abacus Kit Insurance for singlies and House Contents for pads includes "goods in transit". If you're moving from SFA to SFA then the removals company also has to have liability cover as well. Abacus 'goods in transit' covers your "comfy box" when you go on tour, and you can claim up to £70 back (£35 each way).

PM me for Abacus email/phone no.
If you try RS Associates in North Camp, the transfered my home insurance from the house on the Shot to Germany the day before i was going (forgot about it til last minute). They even pop in to see you as they have a rep here and give advice on anything you need, and they will square away things like wills before you go away. Overall, a very good outfit and reasonable as well. PM for the phone number or directory inquiries, ask for Roger. :D



Thanks, a mate had already put me on to RS Associates. Clearly they have a good reputation.


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