Insurance for dogs

I've just had a renewal notice from the Kennel Club for dog insurance - £291 This is nearly what I pay for the Smart car and the Motorhome, both of which are fully comp.

Any suggestions?
Don't let him drive, that should reduce the premium massively.
I thought Pet Plan were expensive! That is ridiculous, try getting quotes from Sainsbury. You need a 'cover for life' policy though, a lot are cheap because the cover is only for a short period.
Thats cheap! I pay £740 for my feckin mongrel!
8 quid a month for my darling little Jack Russell, Tesco - bless 'em.
Pet Plan charges me £480 per year for a 11 year old springer with a significant history of vets bills (Many thousands of pounds). I have never had any trouble with claims. Vet claims direct to Pet Plan, All I do is sign the claim form. I have a limit on the policy of £4k per year.

Halifax recently cancelled all pet insurance policy's leaving owners with a problem as new policies with other insurers will not cover existing conditions.
Just like everything else you have to balance cost against service. It's all very well getting the cheapest on the market if it gives a decent service but many don't. Do you have to pay and claim or can your vet tie into the scheme? Does your plan cover every eventuality with no cover cap or does it only allow for a set amount? If you have to pay and claim how long do you have to wait for reimbursement?

The cheapest is not always the best so make sure you weigh all the odds before you buy.
Just got a quote from Petplan and they were almost the same as the Kennel Club. It's a £pound to a pinch of donkey dust that they use the same Broker.

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