insurance cover whilst training ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bampot, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. having joined my current unit at the begining of the year,after 18 years with another unit,can anyone tell me if you are covered by insurance whilst training/health and i am not /have not been taken on strengh
    and not paid yet?.

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  2. Are you in the process of transferring or have you left and re-joint?

    If you are transferring (and have a decent psao at your previous unit) then you should be allowed to sign an individual pay sheet and 'charge it' to your old lot whom should pay you and make things nice and legal. Alternativly they may let you do C1 training days which are unpayed but covered by insurance apparently.

    If you are rejoining then as a recruit you should be covered as well.

    Waiting out to be corrected by a clerk who speaks adminess but that is broadly the situation as far as my knowledge goes
  3. cheers,green homer

    unfortunatley no,taken some time out ,about 4 months,got bored,became a student,joined the t.a again,unfortunatley i don't do charity work and that includes the t.a too.worst case scenario ,i'll need to get a job(oh my god!).trying to get an answer to my questions is like pulling teeth.

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  4. Fill in individual pay sheets for everyday covered and submit them anyway - the pay will then catch up with you later on. Alternatively fill in the sheets for every training day you do, then submit when you're on strength along with a letter explaining why they are backdated so far.

    It will take a while but it'll happen. The benefit is that you should then be covered for insurance purposes. If you're not covered at all then you should not be training, talk to your psi or someone.
  5. roger that,TA bleep.
    feeling agitated,haven't felt this way since those lazy C*&£S at chilwell,messed up my wages on telic.

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  6. A bit of advice, DONT train till you are TOS as if you are injured sure as eggs is eggs your pay sheets will disapear and Glasgow will not pay out on disability. Im sure you cant be paid for days done before you are TOS.